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The Queue: Still kicking

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I like to think that the Lich King is fully aware that there’s a pint-size singular hero still angrily poking at his ankles, and he’s just desperately trying to avoid breaking character, all the while inwardly bemoaning the fact that he’s stuck performing with amateurs that won’t stick to the script. He went to Juilliard. He’s a professional.

Meanwhile, I still don’t have Invincible.


Q4Q anyone else think Thal’kiel and Velen should have a conversation. Thal’kiel is already a fairly chatty artifact and I would love to see one of his quick dialogs happen if you are in the same area as Velen. These guys knew each other at one point, and while they may not like each other, it would be a fun encounter to be around for. Horde players would unfortunately likely only see it at some point in the Exodar scenario(maybe in 7.3), but it would still be fun.

It would be interesting to see Velen at least react to the thing — I mean, Thal’kiel was essentially planning to overthrow Velen and Kil’jaeden, back in the day. One could argue that Thal’kiel’s initial experiments with fel magic were what eventually drew Sargeras’ attention to Argus in the first place. Heck, the whole reason Archimonde was so gung-ho about accepting Sargeras’ offer was because of the influence of Thal’kiel’s skull, which Archimonde had bejeweled and kept as some kind of gross keepsake.

Side note — you know, maybe we shouldn’t be in the habit of keeping people’s skulls. Between Gul’dan and Thal’kiel, I think we’ve got a pretty good case for just…leaving those things alone. Or incinerating them before they can start any trouble.


Q4TQ: A friend of mine swears she saw a Warcraft manual or book in the past that explicitly stated that Jaina was dead. I think she’s nuts, but I figure if anyone would know for sure, it’d be you. The Internet has not been helpful, do you know the answer?

I think they’re mistaken. There was a manga issue where Jaina had a ‘what-if’ dream where she became the Lich Queen, but I think that was about it. At one point in Warcraft 3 development, Jaina was apparently supposed to die, but that idea was scratched — it never actually made the live game at all, and definitely didn’t make it into any manuals. There was also a moment at the end of the War Crimes novel where everyone thought Jaina was pretty much dead, but that obviously wasn’t the case — Chi-Ji healed everyone, and she was fine.


Has anyone managed to get the Boon of the Nether shoulder enchant for 50 curious coins yet? Does this give you a higher chance for a bag to drop or is it about the same as the chance you have for a bag if you use one of the other shoulder enchants? If it does not give a higher chance that a bag will drop it seems like a worse enchant for your shoulders.

I think it’s the same drop rate as any of the other enchants — but I don’t honestly know if enough people have gotten the enchant to really give that a full test. The difference between regular shoulder enchants and the Boon is that with Boon of the Nether, you can get one of any of the various supply bags that drop (skins, enchant mats, gems, etc), instead of only one type of bag. So you’re not limited to only getting bags for one profession, you’ll instead be randomly getting bags for all of them.


Q4tQ: Where is Illidan’s mother? I was watching that little scene where you see the brothers on display for all their Elf friends to gawk at, and it kind of only now hit me that I know nothing of their biological family. Is there a throw-away line in a book somewhere that their parents died to the Legion’s attacks all those years ago?

Weirdly, we have no idea who Illidan and Malfurion’s parents were — the same goes for Tyrande. By the time we first encounter them in the War of the Ancients trilogy, they’re already old enough that they aren’t really in contact with their parents at all. We don’t know if they died during the War, or if they were already dead. Either way, it doesn’t exactly matter — whoever they were, they aren’t alive anymore, and they didn’t really play any part in the big stories we associate with these characters. So it might be nice to see a reference to them, but it’s not really what I’d call information we desperately need to know.


Question for the Que: I got the new chronicle volume 2 today and I wonder how I should deal with the spoilers inside it. Because there are so many new lore threads I want to talk about them and I don’t want to ruin the fun for anyone,but wich timeframe is good to keep for a book that at least 50% of my friends won’t read/own.Also will you guys do a lore podcast about the new book?

I’m not sure where you got your hands on a copy of the book, as the release date for the title isn’t until March 14. Personally, if I do talk spoilers, I’m very clear about labeling them so people can avoid them if they’d like to. I generally keep labeling spoilers for at least a month or two after a title is released, because that seems like ample time for people to get their hands on the material and read it.

We will absolutely be talking about the title on Lore Watch once it’s released and we have a chance to devour it for ourselves. I imagine we’ll probably have more than one episode discussing it. This week’s show talks about the 15-page preview that was released, you’ll see that on the site later today. And yes, there are spoilers, fair warning!

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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