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The Queue: Dead space

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In my zeal for completing…well, everything, I went back to the Terrace of Endless Spring last week and tackled the raid on Heroic. More accurately, I went in for a piece of gear for transmog purposes, and decided to just finish the entire raid. What I didn’t realize was that I hadn’t so much as attempted Heroic Sha of Fear before. Needless to say I was slightly taken aback when I found myself teleported to a vast expanse of nothing right in the middle of the fight. For a minute or two, I though the encounter had glitched out and chucked both myself and the boss through the world. Whoops!


Q4tQ: Does the fact that we still don’t know what’s going to replace 7.2 on the PTR say something about how far out we are from 7.2 going live? It seems they want the PTR to always be hopping, so one would think we won’t see 7.2 on live servers until we know at least something about 7.2.5, right?

Not at all! Patch 7.2 is way, way, way bigger than 7.1.5 was, so it requires more in the way of testing, is all. We’re looking at a new zone of quests, a new raid, a new dungeon — basically a ton of content that needs to be tuned and balanced. As far as any patches that follow, so far we’ve only heard hints about 7.3 and Argus, but nothing more concrete than that. And that’s fine, too — letting testers focus on the content that’s actually available for testing is preferable to potentially making them worry about content that isn’t even ready for the PTR yet. We’ll see 7.2 when it’s done, whenever that happens to be.


TFH Q4tq: So if the Titans were world-souls before they matured (so to speak) into full-fledged Titans… and Sargeras was banished in some massive fashion when the Well of Eternity blew up… Could it be that he’s reverted to a World Soul state? Maybe he came to inhabit Argus?? Or maybe Draenor, and that’s what a Titan hatching looks like?

I don’t think so. World-souls are basically infant titans. Once they reach maturity, the “world” part is presumably done with. Draenor doesn’t have a world-soul — according to previews for Chronicle Vol 2, it never had one to begin with. Sargeras has presumably just been recuperating. Keep in mind too, he’s been active since the days of the War of the Ancients — he fought Aegwynn and possessed Medivh, presumably that’s him showing up at the end of the Nighthold raid.


So I’m attempting to try to get the hidden appearance of the Disc Priest artifact but I’m stumped. I got the Annals of Light and Shadow from Inkforge, but I can’t/don’t see the three books in the order hall or in the Violet Citadel that I’m supposed to get next. My AK is at 25 so that’s not the problem. What am I doing wrong?

The books aren’t guaranteed to be there when you go looking — I believe they despawn for a little while when someone walks up and grabs them. If you haven’t, you may want to try just waiting around for them to spawn, or re-logging to see if they pop up.


Q4tQ: Should games be sold with copies for all different platforms? When I bought Star Wars: The Force Awakens I got DvD, Blue Ray, and digital copies for no noticeable increase in cost. When you buy Overwatch should you get copies for PC, XB1, and PS4?

No — you’re talking about two different things here. For movie releases, DVD/Blu-ray/digital are just storage formats. There are a variety of players out there by a variety of different manufacturers that play movies in those formats. With game consoles, that’s not a storage format, that’s a system — developed and sold exclusively by one company. If you buy a DVD, you can play it on any DVD player — a system that can read that storage format. If you buy a PS4 game, you can only play it on a PS4, a system exclusively developed and owned by Sony.

Putting a film out in a variety of different storage formats is as simple as…well, saving to a particular storage format. Like picking whether or not you’d like to save an image as a jpg or a gif file. Putting a game out for different consoles is an entirely different story. The game itself has to be altered, code-wise, to account for different operating systems, different commands, different controls — you get the picture. That’s why games are sold for individual systems — because they’ve been specifically developed for individual systems.


Q4tQ Can you bonus roll a hidden artifact appearance that drops from raid bosses?

Unfortunately no, you can’t. Hidden appearances are always looted from the corpse — they aren’t handed out via the personal loot system, and they aren’t eligible for bonus rolls.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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