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Should there be more transmog items for sale?

One of the less well-loved options in the shop are the transmoggable helm appearances. I have seen relatively few of them used and don’t actually know anyone who’s ever bought one — I’ve certainly never been told that buying the Jewel of the Firelord would be an excellent present, unlike half of the mounts available.

Why did players take to purchasable mounts and pets and not transmog items? Is it because the fun of transmog is the hunt? I honestly don’t know. But one possibility could be that there’s simply not enough there for people to get excited about.

That leads me to wonder if there’s a way to salvage the for-pay transmog options. Could an expanded selection be the way to go? Perhaps put certain unavailable models in the store — like maybe this one.

This is a sword model I have wanted for years — currently Twilight Slayers in Ulduar use it, but it’s not available in game for players and this irks me. I would eagerly shell out ten bucks to get my hands on it, but would enough players to make a difference? Or is transmog just not something enough players would pay for to make it viable for Blizzard to go that route?

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