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The Queue: Road to nowhere

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As a Rogue, I realize the class is very talented and all — but I wasn’t expecting Jorach and the rest of the Uncrowned gang to just…make the Chamber of Shadows completely disappear. I mean there’s subtlety, and then there’s ridiculousness, you know?


is there an addon that adds AdamWest Batman style sound effect cards to the game whenever you use abilities on enemies?

Yes there absolutely is, it’s called Comix and it’s been out for quite some time now — I have vague memories of my guild leader using it all the way back in Wrath, although I could be mistaken. It also has some other pretty amazing bells and whistles, too — none of it affects gameplay, it just looks neat.


Q4tQ: Why are certain characters/skins banned in esports (in OW and Heroes)? If it’s because they’re too OP for competitive play, why are they put in the game in the first place?

I consulted with my more esports-knowledgable colleagues on this one! Typically a character isn’t banned from tournaments unless the patch the tournament is playing on has some kind of game-breaking bugs for that character — something that would ruin the tournament — or the character is completely brand new. You don’t typically see a new character in competitive play the same week it’s been released.


I resubbed last week after not playing since patch 6.1. My question is, how hard are the leveling dungeons? I’m playing as a 108 frost dk, and I’ve been afraid to do any of them just because I haven’t done anything like that in so long.

They’re really not difficult at all. If you aren’t tanking, you shouldn’t have a problem — just take a peek at the dungeon journal before you head in to make sure you have an idea of what to expect for each boss. You can also mention to your group that you only recently re-subscribed and haven’t done the dungeons yet. And welcome back!


Question for the queue, is there any time limit (how long dead) on raising a person as a DK?

Not to my knowledge. But since you’re using a corpse, I can’t imagine you’d want the thing too far decayed — it wouldn’t be a very effective Death Knight if it was falling apart, you know?


So I’ve been going back and running old Wrath/Cata raids on 25-H, just because I can and only got to do a few of them when they were current. I’m really enjoying it, and debating going back and running through every old raid in chronological order. What’s your favorite raid to go back and run just for the run of it, and what’s your favorite drop you’ve gotten while doing so?

I’ve been doing a lot of the old Pandaria raids actually — I can’t quite manage soloing 25H, but I can do 10H without any issues. I don’t run them for the fun of it though, I’m usually running them for transmog items. With Pandaria raids, I was missing quite a few of the achievements, so I’ve been working on finishing those off. I have yet to get any mounts from the raids, though — mounts are automatic favorites.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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