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The Queue: Charming collection

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Return to Karazhan is full of surprises — like the fact that Medivh’s library includes a full collection of Steamy Romance Novels. Were they for him, for the guests, or did Khadgar bring them in while he was serving as Medivh’s apprentice? The world may never know.


Q4TQ Anne Edition: Do we know if Draenor actually has more than one continent? The WoD map shows the shape of another continent to the west of the map but according to Chronicles vol 2, everything seems to happen on the one continent we know about (plus Fahralon). Yet, there is one sentence somewhere in the book that refers to Draenor’s various continents (plural). Is Blizzard simply giving themselves some room to maybe eventually pull another new Draenor continent out of their butt? If yes, isn’t it weird that nothing big or important in all of Draenor’s history happened there (according to Chronicles)?

We don’t know — although just judging from the maps in volume 2, it doesn’t appear that there are any other continents on the world. If they wanted to add another continent, they certainly could at some future point in time. But I don’t think we’re going to be spending any more extended time on Draenor anywhere in the near future, so there’s not really a need for one.

Keep in mind that Chronicle is giving us all known history — but it’s not locking down the lore. Just because something like a new continent wasn’t mentioned in Chronicle doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means it isn’t part of that known history.


If the final boss on Argus is someone we have known, acting as an avatar for Sargeras, to give us a more manageable boss to fight, who would you like to see?

I’m probably in the minority here, but I’d still like to see Khadgar in that role. After what Kil’jaeden said to Gul’dan in the Tomb of Sargeras audio drama, and what was said during the Harbingers short, and the prior connection between Khadgar and Sargeras in that first showdown in The Last Guardian, it just feels…right. The Burning Legion knows him and understands the scope of his power, and it still feels like they’d very much like to have him working for them, if not by choice then by force.


I was under the impression that what the original Gul’dan raised from the sea was just the island with the Tomb of Sargeras (The Broken Shore). The rest of the isles have been as they are ever since the Sundering, or am I wrong?

You’re correct — originally it was stated that Gul’dan raised everything from the ocean floor. That has since been corrected to the Broken Shore and the Tomb itself. The rest was still intact.


Q4tQ: is there a way in which being in a group will turn on your PvP flag for you? Here is what happened. I joined a pre-made group in the Group Finder to go after the weekly world boss. A few seconds after joining my PvP flag turns on. Sure enough, there is a throng of horde camping the spot and I get killed, twice. Did I get suckered into this?

If you are pulled to a PVP realm by the Group Finder, you’re going to be flagged for PVP. There’s no way to avoid that other than double-checking that the server of the person doing the invites isn’t a PVP server. I sort of wish they had an easier way to identify that — like a (PVP) next to the realm name of the person doing the invites.


Where do people get those Sharptalon Hatchlings from?

Those are part of the falcosaur World Quests that were added in patch 7.1. The Sharptalon pet can be found in Val’Sharah when the appropriate World Quest is active. All you have to do is find the Sharptalon Matriarch and kill her, then look for the Orphaned Sharptalon nearby. The little guy is going to be hungry though, so you’ll want to bring food — pick up some Dried Billberries before you head out there. Feed the hatchling, and you’ll get the pet in return. The pet will then give you a series of daily quests, and if you complete them all you’ll get a mount — the Viridian Sharptalon — as a reward.

Each falcosaur area has a different hatchling that likes different food, and a different mount for you to earn. There’s a pretty great guide on obtaining all four of them over on Wowhead!

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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