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The Queue: Extended narrative

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I like how it feels like there’s this little hidden narrative going on in all material related to King’s Row. I don’t know if it’s the same blonde and omnic couple being depicted in every clip, but I like to think it is. I bet they’ve got a really good story to tell.


Q4TQ: Is there any reason after reaching Revered to rush toward Exalted with Legionfall? Do the class mounts unlock once you reach Exalted, or do we also have to wait for the story to unlock?

You don’t need to rush necessarily, but you’ll want to keep progressing towards Exalted if you’d eventually like to have the class mount. Or if you’re like me, and you’re horribly obsessed with having all the green bars on the reputation screen filled up all the way.


Should professions be able to make follower equipment?

Yes. Absolutely yes. 100% yes, and I have no idea why they never implemented those kinds of recipes. I think they’d be far more useful for profession leveling purposes than any gear you can make for yourself, and if they were able to be sold on the Auction House…man that’d just be useful all around. I wish they’d done it!


I have so many questions about Black Temple Timewalking. Will we need to farm up Shadow Resist again for Mother? Fire Resist for Flames of Azzinoth? How will they change RoS P3 and Illidan so as to not require the use of a Warrior tank? Will we need to revive the Teron Ghost simulator? Are we prepared?

Given that we didn’t need to farm ridiculous amounts of fire resist gear for the Molten Core anniversary event, I can’t imagine we’d need to trot out the shadow and fire resist again. However, I’m pretty excited about the idea of seeing the full Illidan Stormrage encounter again. He can be easily soloed if people want to go back for old gear — but you never really see all of the fight’s phases that way.

But man, I am not looking forward to fighting Teron again. I remember doing it in Burning Crusade, and it seemed like every week there was at least one wipe because the wrong person got turned into a ghost. And by “wrong person” I mean “that one lazy dude who just didn’t bother studying the mechanics of the fight.”


I forget, do our followers gain xp when they are assigned as a questing follower?

They do, but only from quests and world quests — straight up killing mobs doesn’t grant them any XP. So they’ll earn XP while out and about in the world with you, but it’s still going to be roughly the same rate as your other followers.


I got my Nightfallen Paragon rep. chest today and it gave me gold. I thought it gave toys and mounts. Q4tQ: Does the likely hood go up with the number of times you get gold from the chest (similar to legendary protection)?

I don’t think there’s any bad luck protection with the satchels — the mounts are just a rare drop from them, same as the rare mounts that drop from raid bosses and the like. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a mount drop. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll be farming reputation for…well, however long it takes.

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