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The QueueMay 2, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: A Soft Pink World

Okay, so I have no idea how much y’all care about my eye treatments, but one of the side effects of having a laser used to burn away patches of your retina to keep the blood vessels from growing over it (thus blinding you) is that said laser is very powerful. It’s roughly six times as intense as what they use in Lasik. So the immediate result is that everything is intensely purple for about an hour, and then there’s a soft pink glow that can remain for a while longer.

Last Thursday, I went in for my most recent treatments, and the resulting lasers left me seeing a rosy pink glow for three days. Finally faded on Sunday.

This is The Queue. Let’s talk Blizzard games.


Q4tQ: having established that Anduin has inherited his father’s eyebrows, what are the chances that he comes away from this expansion with at least one major facial scar?

Let the Anduin fans have one expansion of the boy looking pretty before we scar him up, okay? Plus, as the folks on Outside Xbox assure me, scars aren’t genetic.


Next expansion: Argus? If not, what? I think it’s a safe bet there won’t be an Emerald Dream xpac at this point.

I find it extremely unlikely we’ll see Argus in 7.3 and then do an entire expansion on the planet, assuming 7.3 is the final story patch of Legion (which we don’t know yet). There have been a lot of hints dropped about the Old Gods this expansion in the Emerald Nightmare raid, especially after you beat Xavius, so I’m not as sanguine that we won’t get an Emerald Dream expansion, but even if we don’t we could end up in a few different places. There could be that rumored South Seas expansion that’s been floating around for years with Zandalar Isle, Kul Tiras, the Naga… there could be an underground expansion dealing with Azjol-Nerub and other potential deep places of Azeroth… or there could easily be an entire expansion spent hopping around the cosmos looking for allies against the Legion for all I know.

Heck, the next expansion might plop us down on an entirely new, previously unknown Azerothian continent for all I know. Or we could do what the next question’s going to ask about.


QftQ, what are your thoughts on a WoD-style xpac where we journey to Azeroth pre-Horde invasion? How would the human kingdoms react to orcs who in their history have never been enemies with them? Or Night Elves, who have never encountered humans?

My first thought is “They’re never going to do this.” I don’t think it’s a bad idea on the face of it, but I think after Warlords they’re likely extremely reluctant to do anything even remotely like a time travel or alternate timeline expansion again. This doesn’t mean we’ll never see those elements again — the Caverns of Time exist for a reason — but I doubt highly that we’d get it as the focus of an entire expansion, for much the same reason I doubt that we’ll see a Cataclysm style revamp to WoW again.

As for how Humans would react to Orcs, or how Night Elves would react to any of the races like Humans or Draenei, well, without the history of hostility Orcs would just seem relatively Troll-like to them. They’d likely be wary. Night Elves reacted to Humans in Warcraft III by attacking them, but that was during the Third War with a Legion invasion taking place, they might be slightly less hostile.

It’s kind of a shame we’ll never get an expansion traveling to all the alternate worlds suggested by Heroes of the Storm skins. like the one where Tyrande is a Warden and Illidan became the Archdruid while his brother was imprisoned for ten thousand years, or the one where Thrall is a servant of the Burning Legion. Or the one where Genn Greymane decided to join the circus, what’s up with that one?


Q4tQ: whatever happened to Jaina? The last I saw she hearthed in huff. I don’t recall seeing her in any quest chains but the whisky light might have been on and I missed it in favor of, “Just sack the plan and blow something up!”

First up, I didn’t answer your second question because, well, it’s me. I do not feel qualified to comment on it. When I play my Hunter it tends to be Beast Mastery or Survival because the whole point of Huntering is having a pet for me.

But as for Jaina? Haven’t seen hide nor hair of her. I’m starting to think we won’t, either. Perhaps her heart was a crater and they have filled it. (I really hope that’s not the case.)


I think the real problem with the Broken Shore is not the 1 new quest a week. It’s not the grinding of the portals and rare mobs. It’s Length of time for everything to unlock. If I remember right… Isle of Thunder took a month and it was wide open. That felt about right. This one is 2.5 months. A wee bit long for most players.

I’ve done this before, but I really  just put this here because I agree with it. I have no commentary to add or argument to make. I feel bad.

I promise I’ll try harder to argue with you guys in the future.

Okay, that the Queue for Tuesday. If y’all want more details on what, exactly, they’re doing to my eyes let me know and I’ll be happy to chat about it. If you’d rather I just stick to the game talk, I’m happy to do that too. Please ask Alex lots of questions that aren’t about my eyes please.

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