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Will you play Diablo’s Necromancer?

Without much in the way of new Diablo 3 content, I have to admit I haven’t played the game in months. Sure, there have been new Seasons with their armor sets and achievements, but it hasn’t been enough to hold my interest for long. Despite the game’s randomly generated dungeons providing variety, it feels very “been there, done that.”

But with an all new class on the horizon, I may be heading back into the game — at least for a while. We still don’t have a date (or a price) for the new Necromancer in Diablo 3, but with the beta test in progress, it’s coming soon. While the game itself will still be the same old thing, a new class will bring new gameplay to the table — and that means a new kind of fun. Still, there’s a question of how long it will manage to hold my interest, especially if the game continues to be slow to add new content. (I, for one, have expected a big Diablo announcement for the last several BlizzCons, only to be disappointed.)

So, my fellow Diablo players, what about you? Is the Necromancer poised to pull you back into the game (or perhaps pull you into it for the first time)? And, if so, do you expect to stick around — or just get bored again once you’ve put the new class through its paces?

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