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Are you excited for what comes next in WoW?

Sometimes I get fired up thinking about what we’re going to get to do and see after Legion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally down with murdering demons and all, but sometimes I miss the pure variety of bad guys we’ve seen in the past. As much as every raid so far this expansion has been pretty disparate (Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold, Trial of Valor all having very different mobs from each other) I think I’m pretty ready to move on to something new.

But it’s when I think about all the stuff Legion has set up — not just big hints like the Old Gods, but bringing back characters like the Lich King, Magatha Grimtotem, and Lilian Voss (as well as introducing new ones like Smolderon) that I start getting interested. Could we actually get Magatha as a major antagonist? What are Bolvar’s plans for the Scourge after the Legion goes away? Is there a dumber name for a Firelord than Smolderon? What the future holds is what I’m the most excited to see.

What about you?

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