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The QueueJul 19, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Wednesday all over again

It’s Wednesday. I’m tired of this week and maybe you’re tired of this week, too, but Friday still seems a long way away. So in lieu of writing an entertaining and thematically appropriate intro today, I’m going to mimic Rossi and post a picture of a Warrior in the header. Dang, she’s adorable, right?

Now that you’re distracted by that random change of subject, I throw you into today’s questions.


Q4tQ: Do you think Order Halls will be abandoned completely after Legion?

Personally I’d like them to continue being a sort of base of operations even if they are not as important anymore.
They could even open up additional wings or move the order halls where applicable (death knights, rogues etc) to make it less of the same old.

Blizzard has an unfortunate tendency to leave past expansions in the past, which can be a real shame. Our Garrisons could still be a relaxing home away from Azeroth. The Argent Tournament could be a Darkmoon Faire-style playground (just with more jousting).

But no. The best things from Azeroth’s past seem to stay firmly in Azeroth’s past, and our Order Halls seem likely to go the same way. And that’s a shame, because they — and their storylines — have brought a lot to the game. Still, even without knowing where the next expansion will take us, it seems unlikely that our Class Halls or anything else from Legion will stay around for the ride.


I was chatting with a few people about class colours this morning and came across something odd.

You know paladins are pink, right? Two of us agreed that for some reason this makes a lot of sense to us, like it feels as if it fits, but neither of us could figure out why.

So QftQ: Paladins being represented by pink feels right. Why?

Part of me is just thinking it’s because light pink and “the Light” go well together or something.

At this point I think it’s just been so long — nearly 13 years! — that they’ve been pink that our brains have associated the two and there’s no going back. But as an old school Horde Paladin… somehow pink just always made sense to me.

No idea why…


So, uh … If I thought it was a good idea to start a new level 100 with Artifact X, but then decide that Artifact Y is better, can I switch just like that or am I stuck with Artifact X until level 102 (when I get the quest for another artifact) ?

Somehow, I got into my mind that my second warrior should level as protection, but I’m having second thoughts. She’s still level 100 and haven’t started anything except obtaining the god awful ugly shield.

You are, unfortunately, stuck with Artifact X until level 102, though theoretically you could just switch specs and find another weapon until then.  (And while I don’t have a level 100 Warrior of my own, every other class hall I’ve been to has vendors that sell level-100 appropriate weapons. I typically grab them for transmog, but perhaps they exist just for this reason.) There’s really no reason you couldn’t level to 102 sans Artifact and then swap over — you probably won’t lose much for your troubles.  (And before you really start maxing out your Artifact at 110, I don’t think they significantly add to your power. I suspect you’d be okay.)


qftq: if you had to choose between a garrison and the class hall what would you keep for 8.0
PS: why?
PSS: i like PS

Class Hall, all the way. A lot of people complained that Garrisons were isolating, taking you out of the world and away from your fellow players. It was never something I particularly minded, but with Order Halls… now I get where they were coming from. These are vibrant, living parts of the world.

Though I do miss my Garrison when someone is standing on top of the mission table while riding a dragon. Can we kick those people out of the class? Please?


Q4Liz: Have you played ShadowPriest yet? Gnomes can play Priests, and their facial expressions are perfect for Mindflay


The hero we need?

But admittedly she is not level 100 and isn’t on the top of my to level list. (And has also mostly been speced Discipline, but who knows what the future holds.)


Q4tQ: What was the main subject of Hieronymous Bosch’s paintings?

Good luck Liz!

Does anyone really want to talk about this descent into madness? Yes? Okay.

His most famous work, The Garden of Earthly Delights (which is not exactly safe for work) is literally that. First panel: Adam and Eve, okay, seems normal. Second panel: Uhh… Third panel: we have made so many terrible mistakes and now our minds are gone. His work ranges from very conventional Dutch painting from around that period (i.e. Jan van Eyck) to a surrealist style that’s more Salvador Dalí (who wasn’t even born until 400 years after the Garden of Earthly Delights was painted).

Khadgar’s expression here approximates someone going from panel to panel of Garden of Earthly Delights.

See, I tied it back in to WoW. You’re welcome.


Q4Liz: Why does Mitch like to have us leave “Lots of questions for Liz.” Is it him being mean or just evil(what with all that shadow stuff he delves into) or something else?????
Also, if Mitch answers this I will not believe one word until Liz confirms or denies his answer.

Asking questions is great! Keep asking questions! Also ask questions today for Anne tomorrow! WORDS WORDS WORDS, THE MASTER WANTS QUESTIONS.

Hm. That doesn’t work quite as well as the original, but I’m going to go with it.

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