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News > WoWJul 25, 2017 2:00 pm CT

Mione solos Court of Stars +19

Mione has done it again. Not content with soloing old content and previous tier mythic raid bosses, she has upped the ante with the challenge of current content. And not just any current content, current end-game content that groups are actively working on.

Her videos show the progress in Legion, working her way up the Mythic dungeon ladder from a Vault of the Wardens +3 in time to a Court of Stars +4 in time as well. These are impressive but still considered on the low end. Then she moved on to a Vault of the Wardens +13, which could give any geared group trouble. Not to be deterred, she soloed several bosses in Emerald Nightmare, and Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly in Nighthold before defeating a whopping Vault of the Wardens +17 with Sanguine, Volcanic, and Fortified. You’d think that maybe that might have been the end, but no. The +19 Court of Stars with Bursting, Skittish, and Tyrannical has been the latest to fall. She even has logs.


{PB}Granted, the higher keys are not on time, which is the main challenge for groups doing this content, but it goes to show you what a determined individual who knows their class inside and out can do. She has managed, however, to solo both a Black Rook Hold and Halls of Valor +9 within the timer, and was 3% off from finishing a Cathedral of Eternal Night +9 in time as well. The soloing achievements require a lot of dedication and time. It took her three hours to kill the first mini boss in Vault of the Wardens +17 and five hours for Cordana alone. The total time spent in Vault was 12 hours, 48 minutes, and 06 seconds to be exact.


Soloing such feats requires a lot of ingenuity and unique builds, something she cheekily pointed out, using dialogue from that same dungeon.


These soloing feats have been impressive and only continue to be so, regardless of which class she’s using. Demon Hunters have a bit of a reputation for being OP, as Death Knights once did, but the real skill here lies in the player behind the class. As pointed out, she doesn’t follow conventional builds or talents for maximizing DPS within a progressing group. She knows what the class is capable of and how the talents and skills interact in order to truly test the limits, proven with every new video she puts up. Wowhead also recently interviewed her about how she got started with her soloing adventures, and what drives her to play in such a unique challenge.

Hats off to Mione for continuing to push the boundaries of what we think is possible!

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