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The Queue: Two boats and a helicopter

Y’all know the drill.

  • how are you today < that’s my queue question
  • Q4tQ: How are you all doing today?

Not great.


Hypothetically speaking if Blizzard were to announce tomorrow that WoW was done with new updates after 7.3, how long would you keep playing the game? Would you stick around to hunt achievements, transmog, pets, mounts, etc and try new classes and specs? Or would you just move on to a different game right away? How would a sub fee affect your decision? Would it going f2p change your mind? What about a 5-10 dollar sub? What if it remained 15?

Starting with the fee thing first, I’ve been subbed to this game for all 12+ years I’ve been playing it, save maybe a 30-minute trip to GameStop after promising mom and dad I’d do an extra chore. Ahem.

I would not cancel my remaining sub (which has a year left anyhow), but I do think the right move would be to take the game down to F2P. If it weren’t F2P by the time my sub lapsed, I’d… well, probably still play, but maybe only taking it one month at a time.

As for how I play? I would absolutely complete as much as possible. I basically do that as it is, and with a known end (or lack of end?) in sight, I know that I don’t have to rush to get any of them. I might focus one specific transmog set one week, then move on to pets the next. I may not play for a week because other games distracted me. Oh, and above all that, I would totally explore. Not just sight-seeing, but the kind of exploration Demon Hunters’ Double Jump makes possible, just so I could see what’s beyond the game’s boundaries.

I have been playing this game for so long. It’s part of my life. I don’t think I could just outright stop, nor would I want to. One day, my interest might dwindle to the point where I’m only on here and there, but I’d still come back to Azeroth, my second home.


Q4tQ: do you spend your vacation downtime planning events for your next vacation?

{PB}”Vacation”? What is this thing?

For real, though, my vacation is BlizzCon, and this’ll only be my second one. I almost never have the time or money for a vacation, and if I do, it’s usually an in-state one to spend a night or two closer to the water. While I’m there, I’m just trying to enjoy it for what it is. I’m genuinely too happy when I’m on solo/partner vacation to care about much beyond the now.

All those other, non-vacation days of the year? Those were when my ex and I would daydream about where we’d go and when… and sometimes, just sometimes, something impromptu would happen and we would go somewhere, and it would be perfect.


Blizzard has let you design the next Hero for HoTS, who do you choose? What abilities do they get? What alternate skins do they get?

Okay, well, you should all know that my next choice — and totally the next hero anyway — is Kel’Thuzad. But since I’m 110% sure he’s next after Garrosh, let’s get creative*!

I would absolutely choose Talonpriest Ishaal. You guys probably know that I sort of love Talonpriest Ishaal. Not only is he one of the coolest races in the game, he’s also canonically a Shadow Priest. Which, yeah, I’m totally going to make a HotS version of him the distillation of a Shadow Priest.

So, abilities: Mind Blast (Q), Shadow Word: Pain (W), and Mind Flay (E). His trait would be Vampiric Embrace (D), and it could have a toggle allowing it to do something a little extra — more healing, returning mana, something.

One of his Heroic Abilities would obviously be Shadowform to give him the iconic Shadow Priest look as well as a nice boost to damage. This could work with a level-20 talent having an option to make it Voidform, which would up the damage a bit and add a Haste effect.

His other Heroic Ability might not be a fan favorite, but Dispersion does work well in the world of the Nexus. At first, it could be a massive damage reduction. But with level-20 talents, it could be expanded to restore health while dispersed, grant a damage boost when it wears off, or some combination.

In between these, chuck some Priest abilities as talents. Power Infusion since the follower had that (though that might be too strong), an Elixir of Shadows talent that reveals hostiles on the map or something (to call back to his original quest), and then give him the standard round of talents like an increased slowing effect on Mind Flay, more healing from VE, perhaps a passive called Vampiric Touch that restores mana from targets with Shadow Word: Pain.

Alternate skins?

  • Obviously, we would need a non-cursed version of Ishaal, in many colors.
  • All the tints (including Fel) that Arakkoa come in.
  • Maybe a human form that is totally legally distinct from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • One more that really goes out there (but also one I’m blanking on..don’t let me down, commenters!)



I just sold a pet on the AH for 125k+ gold, the most money I’ve made from one sell on the AH ever!

QftQ: What’s the biggest amount you’ve ever sold an item on the AH for?

I just checked on my main — i.e., not my greedy banker — but he sold something for ~95,000 gold at some point. My best guess is that it was the Crimson Deathcharger mount that I had purchased super cheap and later resold. But the Statistics tab only tells me so much.


Question for the Queue! Mitch do you have any pet names for the shadow priests talking dagger?

This is not an original, but I have the most fun referring to it as my Knaifu. But on my own, I always pretty much just left it as “my dagger told me” or some such. Sorry if she wanted a real nickname. I’m bad at those.


Do you think Gnomish engineers will be able to reverse engineer legion tech and ships for Alliance use in a bid for supremacy over the Horde?

Grumble grumble… Here goes the Alliance-favoring Matticus trying to stir up trouble.

On a serious note, I think it would be nice if we decided to use a bit of Legion tech, especially if it had any sort of defensive capabilities against the Void forces. Come to think of it, I would actually like to see architecture change semi-regularly to reflect what we’ve picked up on our adventures.

Think Orgrimmar making use of the Saronite, but a slightly smaller scale. Shopkeepers are using some of the Suramar trees as decor, the Darkmoon Faire has added a mini-game to see how many times you can get in the vat and jump on the fruit, and the Night Elves adopt some of the architectural style of Suramar in their new/newly renovated encampments.

Ha! Took that question and actually did something with it. Suck it, Matticus!


Are you looking for easy questions or good questions? I can’t do both in one, but here’s one that would let your creativity  out: What story do you want told for Shadow Priests in WoW?

Fair warning, this is basically off the cuff, so I could probably fix it up or outright come up with something better, but hey, this could be more fun.

I would like to see Shadow Priests in-game respond to the complaints players have had when it comes to their story involvement. Several of the Priest class quests outright put down anything remotely Void-y, all the while I’m standing right there.

If I’m a Shadow Priest, I’m wondering what my actual place among non-Shadow Priests is. I want there to be a little tension, since we have been given the shaft this expansion in many instances. I don’t want them to become a sub-faction or anything like that (although, bringing back the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow with its own mini-hub would be so cool that I may have to rethink things…)

Okay, put a pin in that parenthetical because that could be cool. But for the original idea, I just want the game to actually dive into Shadow more. Why are we here, what’s the difference between the Void we’re being asked to fight and the Void we use to fight it? I want the in-game story to essentially mirror the real-life frustrations Shadow Priests have had in Legion, while finding a way to assuage those frustrations.


3BE: Sonya (Barbarian Nephalem) vs Garrosh Hellscream vs Varian

I have to imagine Varian and Sonya would try to group up against Garrosh. If not immediately, then the second they realize he wouldn’t team up with either of them, ever. They’d use that to their advantage, while Garrosh would brute-force his way through out.

I do think Garrosh could take a lot more than might be expected, and I can see him taking Sonya down after the battle’s gone on for a while. Between the remaining two? I want to give it to Varian because of what he did on the Broken Shore but… I think Garrosh has the tenacity to continue fighting and brute-forcing his enemies down to the very end.

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