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Heroes of the StormJul 25, 2017 9:00 am CT

Waiting for Garrosh with this week’s Heroes rotation

Happy Tuesday, Heroes of the Storm players! Last week we found out that Garrosh Hellscream would be the game’s newest hero, but he’s not hitting the PTR this week. Though he’ll be playable at ChinaJoy, we won’t see him on the PTR until the 31st. And it’s a quiet week in the Nexus: the Sun’s Out Guns Out event just ended, and we can’t expect Garrosh to hit the live realms for another two weeks.

But while we wait, we do have the standard array of rotations, which you can find below.

Hero rotation

  • Raynor
  • Muradin
  • Sonya
  • Nazeebo
  • Uther
  • Jaina
  • Diablo
  • Cassia
  • Zul’jin
  • Leoric
  • Zarya (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5)
  • Brightwing (Slot unlocked at Player Level 10)
  • Tracer (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)
  • Zeratul (Slot unlocked at Player Level 20)

Hero sales

  • Zul’jin: 375 Gems
  • Tassadar: 250 Gems

Featured sales

  • Jungle Warbringer Zul’jin skin
  • Crimson Crypt King Tassadar skin
  • Gray Warden Lunara skin
  • Heroic Balespider Gul’dan skin
  • Chrome Ribbit Lúcio skin
  • Toxic Archangel Diablo skin
  • Vespene Ghost Speeder mount
  • Sapphire Heart Stone mount

Weekly Brawl

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