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Do you like interacting with the game world?

One of the things my wife and I get into arguments about when playing Diablo 3 is who gets to smash crates, barrels, and other destructible things. I argue that since I generate Fury on my Barbarian, I should get to. She has already destroyed them and moved on well by the time I make that argument, so it’s really a futile gesture on my part.

It reminds me of the Holy Water crates in old Stratholme — I saw groups fall apart arguing over who got to click on them, only to watch the crates themselves fall apart (and potentially summon a host of angry bugs). Really, pretty much any time a game lets you, say, blow up a tank and grab hold of its ammunition to throw it into a waiting cannon — I’m looking at you, Hellfire Assault — it leads to arguments over who gets to fire the actual shots.

If there’s a button to push in WoW, I know I’m never, ever, ever going to get to push it. I do, however, always get to click the orb to mind control Razorgore. Because he’s soloable now. If he wasn’t, it would probably be a fight.

So are you a big fan of interacting with the world, whether it’s smashing barrels, clicking the  big red button behind Mimiron, or what have you? Or do you think that’s all a distraction from the serious work of putting numbers up over your head until things fall over?

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