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DiscussionAug 9, 2017 9:30 am CT

What quests do you refuse to do?

I still remember like it was yesterday. The first character I ever played was a Night Elf Druid and I was exploring Teldrassil. On my way to Dolanaar, I ran into a satyr who wanted me to go collect some random feathers and fangs for him. Ok, his name probably should have been a tip-off, but I didn’t know much about these things. Being a brand new player who had just spent time collecting random stuff for NPCs back in Shadowglen, I didn’t think anything of it. I killed stuff there too. Until I got to Dolanaar and they yelled at me! I was embarrassed. I didn’t know! I turned to my boyfriend, “Why did you let me do that?” He thought I was being weird. “It’s just a quest.” I’ve never done it on any Night Elf since.

And then back in my Garrison on all my alts…we have a happy little family. My Priest experiences the true horrors of the world (of Warcraft), but my alts get to live in happy ignorance. Don’t leave the Garrison, Varian! It’s fine, I’ll make you up a little bed and everything. It’s ok. Just hang out here with Yrel and everything will be ok. Speaking of Garrisons, Baros Alexston and Lieutenant Thorn are still happily and awkwardly eyeing each other from across the room, thank you very much. And they’ll stay that way. After he died in the Garrison campaign on my Priest, I completely stopped all Garrison progression on my alts. I couldn’t bear to watch it happen again.

So, how about you? Is there anything you refuse to do out of a sense of morality or a desire to keep the world stuck in a better time?

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