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Garrison Campaign

The Queue: Falling under Hearthstone’s spell

Hearthstone isn’t always (at least not for me) good fun… I’m not particularly good at it and never make it very far if I try to play competitively. Still, I enjoy tuning in to watch Matticus talk about it and, oddly, I had a lot of trouble turning away from this week’s not-quite-endless Hearthstone turn. There was just something about the soothing rhythm of the ongoing barrage of Arcane Missiles that was hard to look away from.

But now that that’s come to an end, we can get back to the business of answering Queue questions.

Know Your Lore: Azuka Bladefury, Warlord of the Burning Blade

When the opening came, she took it, becoming the latest Warlord of the Burning Blade and immediately setting to work to try and seal her place as the best and the brightest of the Iron Horde. And it worked, to a degree -- Azuka Bladefury may have had to prove her worth in a collection of more notable names like Blackhand or Kargath Bladefist, but she did so with swift and unerring efficiency.

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