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WoWSep 11, 2017 7:45 pm CT

Netherlight Crucible receives another tuning pass before it goes live

The Netherlight Crucible has prompted some last minute tuning and class balance changes, with one last tuning pass before it goes live tomorrow. Since not all classes would benefit from the Netherlight Crucible’s effects in the same way, and some others needed a buff in general, the balance changes will bring everything more in line.

However, these changes have to do with the powers of the Netherlight Crucible itself. The ability procs were reportedly quite low and these changes are meant to bring their power level closer to each other and make sure all the traits are desirable in some way or another. The procs are also influenced by character stats. Many of the effects’ proc rates are now increased by Haste and Torment the Weak can now Crit. With these new changes, RNG issues won’t be as drastic and the power of individual traits won’t have as much disparity between them.

Because of the last minute changes, any sims that may have been done by class communities or theorycrafters are obviously now out of date. If you’re interested how this affects your class of choice, you may need to sit tight for a bit while they scramble to get the new information out.

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)

We’ve made a final tuning pass on the Netherlight Crucible to ensure that its powers behave more like the trinkets that you know and love.

In general, these changes are intended to bring the value of the various powers closer together, and ensure they’re desirable choices for players. We’ve loosened the restrictions these powers had on the PTR, so effects that previously did not take your character’s modifiers into account are now improved by things like Haste and Critical Strike, and relevant buffs or debuffs that are part of your class. We also updated numerical tuning to take those changes into account.

Tuning Changes:
Master of Shadows – Value reduced to 500.
Murderous Intent – Value reduced to 1500.
Dark Sorrows – Proc rate increased by Haste.
Torment the Weak – Value reduced to 80,000. Damage over Time effect now increased by haste and can crit.
Chaotic Darkness – Proc rate increased by Haste.
Shadowbind – Value increased to 200,000. Proc rate increased by haste.

Light Speed – Value reduced to 500.
Shocklight – Value reduced to 1500.
Secure in the Light – Value increased to 135,000. Proc rate increased by haste.
Infusion of Light – Value reduced to 101,000. Proc rate increased by haste.
Light’s Embrace – Value increased to 45,500. Proc rate increased by haste.
Refractive Shell – Value increased to 300,000. Proc rate increased by haste.

The above all differ from what you may have seen on the PTR, and we appreciate the time and effort that testers put into providing the feedback we received.

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