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The QueueSep 18, 2017 12:02 pm CT

The Queue: Waiting for…




Hey! It’s time for the Queue!


What’s been your favorite zone in this expansion and why?

Even though it feels like ancient history at this point, I have to go with Suramar. Though I definitely started getting bored with Withered training after a while (possibly also because I am pretty bad at it), the zone storyline was incredible. I think it was some of Blizzard’s best work, and they managed to keep the story going through a good chunk of the expansion — so unlike the Draenor story, which impressed me when I first quested through it but then nearly nothing else happened. Suramar kept Legion’s story moving forward, and while it included raid content, the story progressed for solo players, too. I enjoyed it tremendously.

But if you’re talking leveling zones, though, it’s Stormheim, which also had an impressive story (though way too much Odyn). Which reminds me that I still need to get around to finishing the zone on Horde side…


Should Gnombliteration quest make its way to Argus, and how awesome would 1,000 Demons dead under a Giant Ball of Light would be?

I don’t feel any guilt over wiping out crazed anything with a giant ball of fiery death. But maybe skip the Gnome part next time. Could we do this with Legion forces, like Imps? Just imagine a rolling ball of Imps and/or Imp parts, all making sarcastic commentary as you go. It would be great!


Late QftQ: Where’s the best place to farm Motes of Harmony? I’m in desperate need of 50-90 Spirit of Harmony and am looking for a good genocide … to obtain harmony.

(60 Jard’s Peculiars, with plenty of Ghost Iron bars, and the one thing missing to transmute the necessary Living Steel is SoH.)

{PB}If you have the reputation with Merchant Greenfield (revered), you could buy a bunch of Songbell Seeds, plant them, and grab a bunch of Motes the next day. Since I find grinding pretty dull, this is probably what I’d go for. But if you didn’t play this character during Pandaria, getting the rep would probably be a pain in the neck.

Other than that, I’d try Isle of Thunder or any dungeons. In my experience, at least, dungeons have better drop rates than the open world, plus you’ll never have to worry about respawn rates. (Plus you can collect coin and transmog gear.)


Q for the Queue: – Have you any thoughts on what Blizz will do regarding weapons in the next expansion? Personally, I like the Artifacts & the feeling of gaining extra talents though them (less so the AP grind). I can see how it benefited the art/design teams by not having to design a whole load of new weapon models for all the classes, but I think I remember reading that our Artifacts are “Legion-only” – so I assume things will return to how they were come the next expansion?

What do you think Blizzard’s next move will be in this regard?

Blizzard has said Artifacts are going to be Legion only, which just seems odd to me. We’ve spent all this time collecting these weapons of lore just to toss them in the trash next expansion? It’s difficult to imagine how we’ll get a better weapon in the future, making anything we do get feel like a downgrade, story-wise, even if it has better stats. I do hope they’ll give us some story reason for it or it will feel quite pointless.

Despite the grind, I kind of enjoy the talent tree system of Legendaries, letting you customize your character and increase your power beyond just endless raiding and dungeon-running for gear. (And I kind of wish you had to make some actual choices in the process instead of everyone filling out everything eventually, so it offered unique customization.) I’d love to see Blizzard continue to offer something like this in the future… it’s just a question of how they can do that without it being a huge nuisance or simply a complicated addition to the talents we already have.

It’s possible Blizzard will simply drop the whole system, but I hope they move at least pieces of it forward.


Q4Q: If Blizzard made a Disney-style cartoon musical, what story from which franchise should they use?

I want a Lich King musical, in the Hearthstone style. Come on, Blizzard, you know it would be great.

And that’s all for today, my friends. Tune in again tomorrow when someone will be here to answer your questions.

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