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The QueueSep 25, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Artifact challenges, troops in the app, HotS healing, Diavo, and WoW ripping of Gummi Bears

Enjoy today’s Queue. It’s full of magic and mystery, part of WoW’s history, along with the secret of Old God influences. Our hero’s legend is growing, the take pride in knowing, they’ll fight for what’s right, in whatever they do.

High adventure that’s beyond compare.


The mage tower is up on the Broken Shore. My guardian druid is ilvl 928. I threw on his gems and enchants, and headed in. It was time.

The artifact challenge boss kicked my butt. Thoroughly and consistently.

I got the boss in Phase 1 down below 50% a couple times. But with every video I watched, they basically said Phase 1 was easy enough, Phase 2 is where it gets difficult. I don’t think I’ll be able to do this. And I’m worried about where I’ll get the necessary gear upgrades in the future to help me with this. Biggest problem is nearly every video says I need the legendary bracers that give the druid extra range in attacks, and I do not have the bracers. Also, I suck at multitasking, like interrupting boss, and adds, and dpsing them all.

I’m in the same boat as you are. I’ve tried the hunter and paladin challenges, got to a certain point, and just said no. Maybe in a couple expansions I’ll come back to it and try again, but I’m not really vested in spending that much time to figure out a solo fight.

That said, in some ways these remind me of the old-school raid fights of Classic WoW and Burning Crusade. They were very very unforgiving at the time, and one wrong move would doom your entire 40-player raid team, more or less. I’m looking at you Ragnaros and Illidan. Those fights tended to take a month for a team to learn how to do properly, and while this won’t have the social learning and adaptation aspect to it, the fight still require a good bit of individualized muscle memory and skill use. That’s something that will take people time to do no matter what.

But alas, I don’t have that time right now, so it’s locked in my brain and something to do in a year or so when I’m level 120 and my gear level is over 9000.


Why can’t we buy the 3 new troops in from the app?

I’m honestly waiting for this update to come any day now. The app is nice when I’m not at home, but I’m no longer using it anywhere in my house when I could just walk over to a laptop. It’s a little surprising there wasn’t an update for this when Blizzard updated the app to show Argus world quests; it’s obvious they were thinking about it. Releasing a complete product update is usually a good idea and sort of app development 101 — especially when the cost of deploying an app update can be so high (you have to wait for Apple to approve and then deploy the thing; even with relationships with the company).

Of course all this could be in the works already and we’ll see an update this week.

Oh, and this is reminding me about the lack of a pet battles app… so I’ll just go sit over here and be sad.


I tend to like healers the few times I’ve played HotS, but in quick matches it seems people don’t really try to work as a group and people just go do their own thing, making a healer seem less useful. Do you have any classes to recommend that would still fill that support itch but be better at solo’ing than a healer?

I think you got a great answer from Ralnost:

The more aggressive healers might be more to your liking. Karazhim, Stukov and Rehgar are all pretty aggressive while still being strong healers. Morales isn’t bad if you go grenade build, Auriel is a bit better with randoms after her more recent changes.

And from Cypher:

I tend to go Brightwing and focus on the polymorph ability to stymie the other team and teleport around the map to help with objectives. The healing is completely incidental and I don’t have to think about it. For R go for Emerald Winds to push enemies away from objectives.

Otherwise, I go Karazhim and just flying fists everyone to death. :)

I’ll throw in there that when I play a healer I’ll almost always hang back a bit at the start of the match, just staying with where a group organically grows. Then I’ll keep a very close eye on who’s doing the most damage or completing the most objectives and follow that person around like a hawk. I’ve actually found it to be quite successful.


Anyone get the achievement for having their name in a Queue title?

Is this an achievement now?


Have you guys ever noticed how WoW like the Gummi Bears theme song is?

Yes I know I’m answering my own rhetorical question, because of course you’ve seen how much WoW the Gummi Bears TV cartoon from the 1990s has in it. I’d even go so far as to postulate that WoW must clearly be based on the the Gummi Bears.

And next week for fun, we’ll talk about the Berenstein Bears and how there is proof this is indeed The Darkest Timeline.

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