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WoWOct 24, 2017 1:30 pm CT

Sell a WoW token for gold while Destiny 2 is hot

Today is launch day for Destiny 2 on PC and you know what that means? Lots of people are buying the game to play and cashing in any extra WoW gold to do so. Gold prices for the WoW Token have been slowly rising over the past week, with a sharp increase yesterday in preparation for this morning’s 10am PDT official launch time for the game. The price jumped up 7.6k gold over 6 hours yesterday, where it peaked at 191k last night before dropping slightly this morning. Slight dips like this are normal as demand exceeds supply and people rush to sell a few more tokens. The same thing happened when the open beta for Destiny 2 went live.

We can probably expect to see another spike this evening as more people get off work and decide to purchase the game. There’s also the possibility that prices will continue to rise over the next week if people are waiting for good reviews or thumbs-ups from their favorite streamers before buying the game.

Gold prices tend to spike around promotions in Blizzard’s other games, especially holiday events and new skins. Normally those are lower priced items and a token or two can cover most purchases. Destiny 2 is a little more expensive and likely to keep tokens on the higher side. It requires 4 tokens for just the standard edition ($59.99), and going as high as 7 tokens for the digital deluxe ($99.99). Demand will probably exceed supply for a while, since the average seller probably isn’t selling 4 tokens at a time. If you need gold, now’s the time to sell a couple tokens.

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