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WoWNov 14, 2017 3:00 pm CT

World PVP gets some much-appreciated tuning with today’s maintenance

The PVP system received one of its biggest overhauls ever in World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, and part of those changes involved specific stat allocations and talents in PVP situations. However, the former only applied in instanced PVP, while world PVP gave players the talents but kept all other stats unchanged. This was an intentional decision on Blizzard’s part, with the intention being to give world PVP a more “anything goes” feel.

Of course, as item levels have climbed and stats have shot to an all-time high, DPS players became more and more able to burst down other DPS or healers, while tanks had so much health that they could basically stand there and laugh in your face as you tried in vain to kill them. Today, Blizzard implemented a few changes to balance things out a little more, bringing them closer to reasonable levels of combat while still keeping it differentiated from instanced PVP. You can see the exact changes in the announcement below:

Originally Posted by Lore (Official Post)
With this week’s maintenance, we’ll be applying some hotfixes intended to slow down damage in world PvP:

  • Non-tank specializations now take 40% less damage from enemy players while engaged in world PvP
  • We have reduced the PvP effectiveness of a number of trinkets and Legion Legendaries that contributed to excessive burst damage:
    • Draught of Souls now deals 70% less damage to enemy players
    • Cold Heart now deals 75% less damage to enemy players
    • Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals 60% less damage to enemy players
    • Insignia of Ravenholdt now deals 50% less damage to enemy players
    • Pillars of Inmost Light now increase Eye of Tyr damage by 150% when attacking players (was 300%)
    • Scarlet Inquisitor’s Expurgation now increases Divine Storm damage by 3% per stack when attacking players (was 6% per stack)
    • The Dreadlord’s Deceit now increases the damage of Shuriken Storm by 6% per stack when attacking players (was 25% per stack)
    • Fiery Red Maimers now increase Maim damage by 165% when attacking players (was 500%)

Our intent with these changes is to reduce the amount of initial burst damage dealt by players in world PvP, especially when using certain legendary items or trinkets, giving the player being attacked more opportunity to react. While we want to maintain the “anything goes” nature of world PvP in Legion, we do want you to have at least some chance to retaliate, even when caught by surprise.

Having recently transferred to a PVP server — which won’t actually be a thing for too much longer, but hey, whatever — I’m really happy to see these changes made. Granted, I’m going to be losing out on the fun of nuking someone down in no time at all, but I also won’t be a victim to the same thing. Plus, it’s more than worth it if it means not struggling against tanks who shouldn’t be able to out-heal and out-damage me grumble grumble.

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