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HearthstoneDec 4, 2017 4:15 pm CT

All of Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs expansion cards so far

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Updated 12/4 (Remaining cards): Candleshot (Hunter), Plated Beetle (Neutral), Dire Mole (Neutral), Barkskin (Druid), Crushing Hand (Shaman), Boisterous Bard (Neutral), Corridor Creeper (Neutral), Corrosive Sludge (Neutral), Dragonslayer (Neutral), Fungal Enchanter (Neutral), Gemstudded Golem (Warrior), Gilded Gargoyle (Priest), Gravelsnout Knight (Neutral), Green Jelly (Neutral), Healing Rain (Shaman), Hooked Reaver (Warlock), Kobold Monk (Neutral), Scorp-o-matic (Neutral), Sewer Crawler (Neutral), Shifting Scroll (Mage), Shrieking Shroom (Neutral), Shroom Brewer (Neutral), Sneaky Devil (Neutral), Stoneskin Basilisk (Neutral), Toothy Chest (Neutral), Trogg Gloomeater (Neutral), Violet Wurm (Neutral), Wax Elemental (Neutral).

Updated 12/4 (Stream): Added Rhok’delar (Hunter), Dark Pact (Warlock), Flanking Strike (Hunter), Kobold Barbarian (Warrior), Sleepy Dragon (Neutral), Cave Hydra (Hunter), Astral Tiger (Druid), Master Oakheart (Neutral), Cavern Shinyfinder (Rogue), Shimmering Courser (Neutral), The Darkness (Neutral), Potion of Heroism (Paladin), Psionic Probe (Priest), Cursed Disciple (Neutral), Fungalmancer (Neutral), Ebon Dragonsmith (Neutral), and Kobold Apprentice (Neutral)

Updated 12/4: Added To My Side! (Hunter), Murmuring Elemental (Shaman), Greedy Sprite (Druid), Void Ripper (Neutral), Twilight Acolyte (Priest), and Woecleaver (Warrior)

Updated 12/2: Added Ironwood Golem (Druid), Oaken Summons (Druid), Kingsbane (Rogue), Crystal Lion (Paladin), and Bladed Gauntlet (Warrior). 

Hearthstone’s seventh expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, comes with 135 new cards and a new solo player experience. All nine classes will be receiving a Legendary weapon and players will receive a free weapon at launch. The expansion launches on December 7 and you can hit the game running with the usual pre-purchase deal, buying a 50-pack bundle for $49.99 which comes with the For the Hoard card back.

But now let’s take a look at the cards with a rundown of the new game mechanics and a list of the cards we know about so far.

New card types and mechanics


The new Recruit keyword allows you to summon minions from your deck and put them into play. Some cards like Gather Your Party will randomly pull a minion from the deck. Other cards like Guild Recruiter will only pull cards with certain conditions attached to it.

New Game Mode

Dungeon Run is the newest solo game mode to enter Hearthstone. When you start a new run, your deck and hero will progressively grow in power as you work your way through the catacombs. There are 48+ encounters and your objective is to defeat eight of them. Completing a full Dungeon Run with all nine classes will grant you the Candle King card back!

The lore

Curious about the lore behind Hearthstone’s new expansion? And just who is this Marin guy, anyway?

The cards


  • Barkskin
    • Buffs your minion and gives you armor. Helps with the Ironwood Golem.
  • Greedy Sprite 
    • Helps offset the Innervate nerf a little bit. Fits in line with Druid ramp. Don’t expect the Sprite to be durable.
  • Astral Tiger 
    • This cat will keep coming back even if it dies.
  • Oaken Summons
    • Oh hey, decent card! Get armor while recruiting a 4 cost minion.
  • Ironwood Golem  
    • Jade Behemoth’s younger brother that can’t attack unless you have the right armor for it.
  • Ixlid, Fungal Lord
    • Playable legendary but this might not be the right meta for it.
  • Twig of the World Tree 
    • Neat weapon here. Once the weapon expires, you’re up to 10 mana crystals. Assuming you attack every turn and play it on turn 4, you’ll end up with 10 crystals by about turn 8 (if you didn’t play any mana ramping up spells).
  • Jasper Spellstone
  • Branching Paths
    • This is a Choose mechanic for Druid cards with an extra choice. There are three options here where you can Draw a card, Give your Minions +1 Attack, or Gain 6 Armor. But you get to pick two of them.
  • Grizzled Guardian
    • You might be able to ramp into this one early, but it seems a little understatted for the cost. You do get a grand total of 3 minions out of it (including the Guardian itself), however those minions are going to be a little on the cheaper end.


  • Rhok’delar
    • Fitting that Rhok’delar would be one of the legendary Hunter weapons. It’s keyed for a specific kind of Hunter play style that doesn’t involve the use of minions.
  • Flanking Strike
    • Not terrible but it does play with To My Side and Rhok’delar as you still get a minion out of it along with the damage.
  • Candleshot
    • Cheap Hunter weapon. Helps remove any pesky early game minions at minimal risk to the Hunter.
  • Cave Hydra
    • Minion with decent stats that can attack multiple opposing minions simultaneously.
  • To My Side! 
    • Ugh, not a fan of this epic at all.
  • Wandering Monster
  • Crushing Walls
    • One of Ben Brode’s favourite cards. Positioning matters here.
  • Kathrena Winterwisp
    • For 8 mana, you can pull a Beast out of your deck when Kathrena comes into play and if it gets removed. In other words, for 8 mana, not only can you get a 6/6, but you can pull a 6/5 with a Deathrattle.
  • Seeping Oozeling


  • Shifting Scroll 
    • What a really random card. Who knows what it’ll be?
  • Dragon’s Fury
    • Looks like an okay card. Would you rather take this or Flamestrike?
  • Dragoncaller Alanna
    • Fill the board with a bunch of 5/5 Dragons! But it’ll take some expensive spells to do so.
  • Deck of Wonders
  • Aluneth
  • Raven Familiar
    • Sort of like Joust, but with spells. Absolutely playable.
  • Lesser Ruby Spellstone
    • With the upgraded Ruby Spellstone and Greater Ruby Spellstone. It does come with the condition where you need to bust out some Elementals to develop the Spellstone into something. Hello, more random Mage Spells!
  • Arcane Artificer
    • Speaking of Elementals, this expansion is going to have a couple of extra ones and there’s some synergy here. Interestingly enough, the Artificer gets you some early game protection if it lives long enough for you to drop some spells to take advantage of it’s ability.
  • Explosive Runes
    • No wasted damage with this secret here. If your opponent plays a minion, it will take exact lethal (up to 6), and surplus damage goes right to them. Solid secret addition for Tempo Mage, I’d imagine.
  • Leyline Manipulator
    • Great tempo card here but you’ll need to mentally keep track of what cards you’ve drawn and what you’ve played. Otherwise, just a Chillwind Yeti.



  • Gilded Gargoyle 
    • Early game minion which gives you a Coin with it’s Deathrattle. I don’t think it’s worth it.
  • Psionic Probe
    • Pulls a random spell from your opponent’s deck? Sure!
  • Twilight Acolyte
    • Dragon synergy!
  • Crystal Lion 
    • Okay card. Doesn’t really jump out at me. Tempo move though if you can swing enough Recruits on board.
  • Twilight’s Call
    • Really plays into the whole Deathrattle theme here.
  • Diamond Spellstone
    • Great for Big Priest. Won’t be going away time soon, I see.
  • Unidentified Elixir
  • Dragon Soul
  • Duskbreaker
    • Great for Dragon Priest. This card will be even more nuts in Wild.
  • Temporus
    • Incredibly high risk and high reward legendary for Priests. You’re giving your opponent two free turns. I foresee this backfiring.
  • Psychic Scream
    • Note that all minions will get shuffled into your opponent’s deck, not just theirs. Hint: Yours included.


  • Cavern Shinyfinder 
    • Can help fetch you Kingsbane.
  • Kingsbane
    • Rogue Legendary weapon. It can keep any weapon buffs you apply to it.
  • Elven Minstrel
    • Rogue staple here as it can help thin your deck.
  • Evasion
    • Similar in idea to Ice Block in that it can save you for a turn but when you play it matters.
  • Fal’dorei Strider
  • Kobold Illusionist
  • Sudden Betrayal
    • Hey, a Rogue secret! Peter Whalen revealed on stream that Rogues were one of the classes that originally had secrets.
  • Cheat Death
    • Similar to Getaway Kodo where if a minion dies, it goes back to your hand. However, the cost of the minion gets reduced by 2.
  • Sonya Shadowdancer
    • Wow, this is a really good card. Assuming it sticks on the board long enough for even one or two extra minions, it could give you some added. Who doesn’t want another Swashburglar or a 1 mana cost version of Edwin VanCleef?


  • Healing Rain
    • You would need a decent sized board to take advantage of the healing. Note it says characters which also includes your hero.
  • Crushing Hand
    • That card art alone is pretty cool. Expensive Overload though. 8 damage to a minion comes with a high price to pay even though it’s a low mana cost.
  • Murmuring Elemental
    • You’re playing this card for the ability to activate another card’s Battlecry. The 1/1 alone for 2 mana may not be worth it.
  • Unstable Evolution
    • Fascinating card here as it can be used repeatedly during the same turn if you don’t like what your first evolution is.
  • Sapphire Spellstone
  • The Runespear
    • This is the new Shaman Legendary weapon where when you attack, you’ll get to Discover a spell that randomly chooses targets.
  • Grumble, Worldshaker
    • You’d need a board for for Grumble to really be taken advantage of here.
  • Kobold Hermit
    • For the same cost of just a hero power, you can choose which basic totem you want (along with the 1/1 Kobold).
  • Primal Talismans
    • Not sure how this card can be useful. You’d need a board to take advantage of the Deathrattle procs. Would the basic totems be all that helpful anyway?
  • Windshear Stormcaller
    • Mmm, tempting. Totem synergy here if you can pull it off. At the least, it’s an average 5 mana 5/5 minion.


  • Hooked Reaver
    • 4 mana 7/7! Potentially. No way you can get it out for the full stats on turn 4 unless your opponent is playing an aggressive deck while you’re also damaging yourself down.
  • Dark Pact
    • Self minion removal. Good way for instant health if you need to chuck a minion.
  • Possessed Lackey
    • Expensive but the outcome can be worth it. Hopefully you can recruit a Doomguard instead of a Voidwalker.
  • Skull Of the Man’ari
    • Not much to add here. Fits in most demon-centric decks.
  • Voidlord
  • Cataclysm
  • Rin, the First Disciple
  • Amethyst Spellstone
    • This is the Warlock spellstone. It starts off dealing 3 Life damage to a minion, then 5 damage, then 7. You need to inflict some self-damage in order for it to get better.
  • Vulgar Homunculus
    • Here comes the power creep! 2/4 with taunt!
  • Kobold Librarian
    • Playable! 1 mana to draw a card, take 2 damage, and drop a 2/1 into play. Literally Lifetap on a minion.


  • Gemstudded Golem
    • A conditional Taunt minion. It’ll stay right where it is unless you have the armor to make it move.
  • Kobold Barbarian
    • I assume you also get to attack with it manually once it fires. I’m not sure if you can control it.
  • Woecleaver
    • Warrior legendary weapon! 3 minions from your deck whenever Woecleaver attacks.
  • Bladed Gauntlet 
    • Only useful in removing minions. Shield Slam might be better.
  • Reckless Flurry
    • Interesting form of removal which is also an armor dump. Potential to clear the entire board (your minions included).
  • Unidentified Shield
  • Geosculptor Yip
    • Oh wow, this may or may not be good. Fits in potential control decks with many armor generating cards. Can’t get too much though otherwise it may not work.
  • Gather Your Party
  • Lesser Mithril Spellstone
    • This upgrades to Mithril Spellstone and Greater Mithril Spellstone. Three 5/5 Golems for 7 mana is pretty good.


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