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Breakfast Topic > Diablo > WoWJan 12, 2018 8:00 am CT

Did Legion go overboard with legendaries?

Looking at the changes coming in 7.3.5 to legendary items, I feel like I can finally put into words a disconnect I’ve had with them this entire expansion. A lot of Legion has felt like it was lifted whole from Diablo 3. The legendaries in particular were simply too much. There are too many of them, they affect your class too strongly. In some cases, specific builds absolutely require at least one particular legendary to be viable. Looking at what’s coming, and how people are going to be expected to have them or collect essences to get them it really feels more like Diablo 3 than WoW. While I love Diablo 3, it’s not the same kind of game. I feel like this was WoW kind of going overboard with a cool idea.

I don’t mind the basic concept of legendaries, but WoW and Diablo always handled them differently. For once I’m going to say that I actually prefer the way we saw them work in expansions like Wrath or Cataclysm. There were one or two legendary items that you could get, and they were somewhat difficult to acquire. They had a big impact, but they didn’t feel necessary. I didn’t get Shadowmourne during Wrath and I still did awesome DPS. Sometimes I even managed to beat the Warriors and Paladins who had it. It was an awesome thing to get, but it didn’t feel like something I had to grind for and work to get to be viable.

I accept that I might be looking at the past through rose tinted goggles here. And as always I distrust nostalgia even when it’s my own, so I’ll ask you guys. What are your feelings on legendaries in Legion? Do you think there are too many? Did the system go too far? Or would you be perfectly happy to see such a system again?

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