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The QueueApr 10, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Anyone who picks baseball is wrong

Hello, Queuebies!

It’s been a busy week since I last Queue’d for you, in all the best ways. That said, a side effect of my little trip to California was that, for the first time, I could not participate in this month’s Splatfest. Good news and bad news: Soccer won in popularity 60% to 40%, but lost overall because both solo-queue and team-queue battles only won 49% of matches.

Could I have made up that just-over-1% difference in wins had I been playing for Team Soccer? I wish I knew — not knowing will haunt me forever. Speaking of haunting, though, here’s a hauntingly beautiful Queue!


Which kind of quest do you prefer: Kill 15 of a mob, Collect 15 of an item (but every mob drops 1), or Collect 5 of an item (but one out every three mobs drops 1)?

While all three should require the same number of kills, I believe there a psychological function to this that makes some more enjoyable.

To me, the first one is different than the latter two, simply because I don’t always like needing to take the time to loot. I still do it like 99% of the time, but occasionally, I like to just kill endlessly and worry about looting later (or never). So among the three, plain ol’ kill counts get my vote.

But as far as the latter two go, I prefer 15 of the item, just because it feels like I make progress no matter what.

That said, there are other factors that affect my decision as well — if I’m clearing through a cave and am going to kill 30 enemies no matter what, I may prefer every 3 mobs dropping the item, just so I’m not “pointlessly” killing three times as many mobs as a quest required.


Q4tQ: In the vein of all those “things to do before BFA”, I’ve started farming some of the Trial of Valor Tmog sets.

If I understand well, the Soul Fragments earned on any difficulty are the same, but you need to have cleared a given difficulty at least once to buy its color?

I also read somewhere you can run all 4 difficulties in a same week and get tokens on all 4 runs. Is that true?

Per Wowhead, Soul Fragments can be farmed on any difficulty, but will always reward the Normal-mode color variant of the sets. LFR, Heroic, and Mythic color variants are rare drops from bosses in the raid, either via the Ensemble item or individual piece drops.


Q4tQ Has anyone looked into a new character obtaining the class hall outfit on the Alpha? Is it still available? How do you get the belt with artifact power removal?

I tried to test this on the alpha and 1) new characters do not have access to the Class Hall and 2) trying to go to anywhere on the Broken Isles teleports you back to Dalaran.

So I cannot specifically test this, but it is available in the Wardrobe list. Plus, I don’t actually think Artifact Power is going away in the expansion.


Q4tMitch: what do the dreams mean? Since joining the 6th circle, I dream of a vast dark emptiness stretching on forever.

Stars of a incalculable distance from each other are the sole illumination, and beneath me appears an orb with shapes resembling the geography of the waking world.

I blink, and I’m now submerged beneath the ocean. Watching as a purple tentacled behemoth pulls ancient human vessels beneath the waves.

Just as suddenly I stand upon a plane of existence not unlike the waking world. In the distance a massive green behemoth, bloated, and more ancient than the first directs a swarm of mitchtated warbeasts in dragging all plant and animal matter into its gaping maws.

Back on the home plane, the purple behemoth feasts upon the ancient sailors as their flesh joins its own. The behemoth’s many eyes widen in some great realization. Simultaneously, the green behemoth and its many warbeasts gaze skyward and roar their disapproval.

It’s at this point I awaken, frightened.

You see the two beasts, but not the third. You watch their actions, but understand them not. To be afraid is normal. To walk through that fear and emerge unscathed?

That is to transcend.


If doctors always want you to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment why don’t they just make all appointments 15 minutes earlier?

The same reason I tell my family we need to be somewhere at 6:45 even though we don’t need to be there until 7:00 — they’ll get there at 7:00.


I got 2 QftQ today!

1st QftQ: I’m considering some race changes for my alliance (who wants to be a gnome with void elves available?). If I race change, though, do I lose the racial mounts I’ve purchased? Or will they remain in my inventory?

2nd QftQ: A friend of mine accidentally saw the trailer for BfA and is now joining us in Azeroth as a sin’dorei mage (For the Horde!). I have a shal’dorei monk that needs leveling. Currently he’s a Windwalker, but would Mistweaver or Brewmaster be better/easier when leveling with her?

  1. It depends what you mean by “racial mounts.” If you purchased one of the regular ol’ level-20 or level-40 mounts, it’ll be on all your characters. If you’re referring to something like the PVP mounts, I believe they also stay the same — unless you transfer to the opposite faction. Basically, I don’t see why you would lose/change any mounts if you’re changing to the same faction.
  2. I know it’s not the most helpful answer, but play whatever you have the most fun with. Any of those specs will be fine, if you ask me. Windwalker still has a heal to use if things get crazy, but between you and your friend, you should be killing things pretty fast. If you find yourself struggling with a particular elite or group of enemies, Brewmaster might be the best option — a Mage’ll blow things up so long as you keep aggro on yourself.


Q4Q: Does it look like changing specializations in Battle for Azeroth will be easier than in Legion? If I understand correctly, we won’t have a separate artifact to power up when changing say, from Ret Pally, to Holy Pally. Is there anything we know of in BfA that we would need to grind, or power up when changing specs? Thanks!

Right now, it’s… still in flux. But if the developer interview with yours truly is any indication, you may want to keep separate gear sets because of the Azerite Armor system. However, that won’t mean grinding the same way Artifact Power has — it’ll just mean a second set of, say, shoulders.

That said, even then, keeping separate sets of Azerite Armor pieces will probably be something you’ll be more likely to do if you prefer min/maxing. If not, there should be enough overlap in traits that you can get by with your main spec’s gear set.


Q4tQ: What is your strategy to make leveling up not a boring repetitive grind these days?

Alternatively, is there anyone willing to level up together a char? I have plenty of levels (more on Alliance than Horde) to play… But I’m snoring before I can even get into any questline (done pretty much everything already)… So… maybe I could use a partner.

Uhhh… I am probably not the best person to ask here, because I have what can be best described as a “very long cooldown” in between leveling characters. My best advice is to not force it. If you don’t actually feel like leveling and are just doing it to get it done, it’s not going to be enjoyable.

Outside of that, maybe try leveling with a different spec. It may not be as efficient or in your comfort zone, but it’ll force you to pay attention more closely. Failing that, just find a show or YouTube series or how-to video to teach you another language that you can watch while you mindlessly kill.

Anyone else have suggestions? Leveling is totally not my thing for Mythriak’s exact reason.


Q4tQ: Should the starting area for new (or boosted) characters be updated to reflect being one of the Order Hall commander’s (Deathlord, ArchDruid, High Priest, etc) temporary minions, with possible training on how to handle certain game/class mechanics in the form of being in one of those Order Hall missions?

2BE: Kalecgos vs Ebonhorn

  1. I think that would be pretty cool, not gonna lie. But for a new player, the reference to missions would likely be lost. So long as it teaches what it needs, though, I don’t know if Blizzard should spend much time making it all that intricate. It’s not something a lot of players see. (But again, I really do like this idea if it’s feasible for Blizzard to do.)
  2. Kalecgos, mostly because I just ran Neltharion’s Lair and I still don’t get why Ebonhorn “can’t” continue to help right as we reach the final boss. He’s a total weiny.

That’s it for today, folks! Feel free to argue in the comments about what sport is best (not necessarily just between soccer and baseball).

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