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The QueueJun 1, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Dinosaur Paladin again

Yes, I used Rezan again for the header image, are you kidding? I might never use another header image again.

So, you know how Zandalar won’t be getting Paladins in BFA? Well, I figured it out. It’s jealousy. Here’s why.

Human Paladins – “We get our power from the Holy Light.”
Dwarf Paladins – “Eh, whatever, that’ll do, we’re in for the Light deal.”
Draenei Paladins – “Naaru guide us.”
Blood Elf Paladins – “Well, we kidnapped a Naaru and tortured it until it died and went Void, but we’re cool now. Light’s cool.”
Dark Iron Paladins – “We –”
Lightforged Paladins – “Woah, woah, BACK UP, what did that Blood Elf just say? They did WHAT?”
Tauren Paladins – “We seek the Light of An’she, the glorious sun, the mate of Mu’sha.”
Lightforged – “I REALLY need us to do a rewind on what that Blood Elf just said.”
Zandalar – “A big freaking Dinosaur gave me my powers.”

Tell me everyone wouldn’t be jealous as hell.


Listening to the most recent podcast, when Jaina going back to Kul Tiras is mentioned. Wouldn’t she have gone back after Dalaran got totalled in the third war to collect people and go to Theramore?


The group that Jaina led across the sea to Kalimdor (not to Theamore, that wasn’t founded until after the Legion was defeated) was made up primarily of the survivors of Lordaeron that Jaina could find. There were some Kul Tiras elite troops, likely a personal honor guard, but on the whole the expedition was made up of survivors and refugees and not a great number of folk from Kul Tiras.


Question for the Queue

Anyone else a little annoyed about how Vol’jin has a mate and multiple children but we have no names beyond his youngest son? You figure his mate would of showed up to his funeral or we would of got a story of which kid becomes the new chief. However nothing, we get nothing about these unnamed characters which easily could of been inserted into story already. Maybe I just am curious since its odd we don’t even have names.

Remember that Yenniku was left behind in Stranglethorn because it was a custom to give children to the Gurubashi Tribe. It’s possible that Vol’jin had done this before and perhaps several of his children still live in Stranglethorn Vale among the Gurubashi. Or maybe not. We really have no idea.

It would have been nice if they’d fleshed this out before they killed him, yeah.


Q4tQ: I just finished the Rogue order hall campaign, which started off slow and ended “Holy cow!” (spoilers for that ahead). At the end Detheroc says the Alliance and Horde are destined to go to war. How much of the starting events of BfA are a result of the mistrust he engendered between the factions while impersonating Mathias Shaw and operating as the head of SI:7?

None of them.

Look, let’s be honest — we don’t need to point fingers at Demons. The Alliance and Horde do enough to each other to absolutely justify the two factions going to war, and the events of Before the Storm seem to make it absolutely clear that they were on a collision course. All Detheroc needed was to watch them in action for ten minutes and he immediately knew they were going to go to war, even without the fact that as a Nathrezim, he’s extremely good at manipulating people and that requires being good at reading people.

We’re going to war because of our own homicidal idiocy, not because of Detheroc.


Q4TQ: Did you ever accidentally buy a book you already own because you see it on sale? /facepalm

Accidentally? No.


Q4tQ: Does T-Rex look better with a ‘mane’ of bright colored feathers or no?

Okay, I’ll be up front with you, I’m totally down with feathered T-Rexes. It’s unlikely they were fully feathered but they likely had at least some, and I think it would be cool. Keep in mind these wouldn’t be flight feathers. But yeah, I’m generally very okay with the idea of feathers. One of my favorite books is All Yesterdays, which makes the point that many modern dinosaur recreations are suffering from the ‘shrink wrapped bodies’ effect, where they basically reconstruct them as if they were emaciated.

We don’t know how many feathers T-Rexes had. But some theropods were utterly covered in them and looked a lot more like birds than we’ve previously understood. And man, I have to say, a seven ton carnivore scares me now matter how many feathers it has.



Q4TQ: People playing on the beta, is there ever any little non-important aesthetic change that really bugs you? Right now I have two. First the fact that when you put your map “full screen” it’s not actually full-screen anymore (it’s just bigger and is not even centered on the screen). The other is the fact that opening my map doesn’t auto-close my bags anymore.

I know these are stupid things but it’s making me crazy and I have even filed bugs to express my negative feedback hoping that they might change it :/

I don’t like the new Action Bar UI. It feels weird and empty to me, even if it actually is enough for the reduced number of abilities we have. It just bugs the heck out of me.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday, June the 1st. I wonder if they’ll let Rezan have a whole lot of feathers. They probably will not. I will be sad.

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