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The QueueJun 29, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Zoltan Kulle never lies

No, seriously. Think about it. Zoltan Kulle literally says nothing to you that’s a lie. Every time he talks to you — every offer of the two of you ruling the world as Nephalem, every time he hints at Leah’s true parentage or mocks Adria and Tyrael’s motives, he’s telling you the absolute and unvarnished truth. He’s a power hungry egomaniac, but when he says that Angels are just as hostile to us as Demons, he’s right. When he says that they almost destroyed Sanctuary, he’s right. Kulle never actually lies.

Even Tyrael says things that turn out to be untrue when he’s under the effect of the despair being radiated during Act IV, but Kulle never once says anything that isn’t true. He’s evil, reptilian in his self-regard, but he never lies. That makes him the one person you can rely on, really — and you killed him, and he doesn’t even hold that against you.

Zoltan Kulle is your best friend.

This is the Queue.


Q4tQ: name a piece of lore that you think had potential when introduced but ended up underdeveloped or just plain forgotten (like goblins) and one piece of lore you think went too far, jumped the shark or was developed far beyond a point of no return.

I’m going to be up front and admit I don’t really understand your question. I mean, I thought I did, but I definitely don’t feel like Goblins got forgotten considering they’re all over the upcoming expansion, and had a heavy presence in both Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh couldn’t have done any of the stuff he did without them) and Warlords of Draenor (the Iron Horde needed those Goblins) for that matter.

And while Worgen kind of got the shaft for a while, they had a heavy presence in Legion and it looks like they’ll have one in Battle for Azeroth as well. So for me, I’d pick the various parts of Draenor we never got to see back in Warlords, like whatever that southern continent was on some of the maps or Farahlon.

As for lore that went too far? I mean, I’m not sure what you mean there, either. I guess I kind of feel like the Horde/Alliance faction conflict has done that. At least for me it has.


q4tq: In WoW, we’ve typically been relegated to one of two “evils” each expac. Either the Legion or the Void.. Even Arthas could be tracked back to that ultimately. With the direction Blizz took Xe’ra, there seems like a possibility to open the door to new Big Villains and get away from legion > void > legion > void > repeat times infinity. What other big bads do you think could come pay us a visit?

One thing I would love is if Blizzard decided to explore the Shadowlands and death entities like the one that made the deal with Odyn. Another possibility would be if we discovered that there are Arcane Lords that are to Titans what Void Lords are to Old Gods, entities of raw Order that tossed the Titan essences into our reality to shape it and order it so that it would become a place they could exist in.

Also, the Legion isn’t every demon ever. The Fel is a realm of pure disorder, created when Light and Void annihilate one another utterly, and it is indescribably vast. There could be a whole host of new demons we don’t know anything about because they’ve never interacted with us, complete with Demonic lords completely unlike Sargeras or any of the demons we currently know.

I’d actually be very interested to see if there were any beings like the Void Lords in the realm of Light, and if they did to some Old Gods or other Void beings what Xe’ra tried to do to Illidan to create the Naaru. Some sort of raw, primordial force of pure light. Then again, I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately and so I’m imagining the Diamond Warrior Anu vs. the Dragon Shadow Tathemet here.


Q4tRossi: What’s your take on Gnome Warriors? I see you write a lot about Warriors, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you advocate for a Gnome Warrior. I promise, Gnomes are as fierce (see Liz’s Queue earlier this week) as any other class.

I have two Gnome Warriors. Neither are max level at the moment, but they’re pretty awesome. They standardized combat animations by class so Gnomes don’t look like their weapons are going to make them flip over anymore, but they still look pretty dang cool.

It’s especially fun to kill Horde on a Gnome Warrior. Usually they get so mad when you do it.


Q4tQ: How is everyone deciding on which character to level first in BfA? I haven’t had a main since the great content drought of WoD when the only means I had of occupying myself was leveling all my alts. And, since then, I’ve basically kept most of them current. I basically go in phases and do “progression” on whichever one I happen to feel like playing.

I want to be sure I’m going to be happy with one class to progress through a large chunk of BfA before I want to switch. I achieved this in Legion by being thematic: playing a Demon Hunter.
But I’m not sure how to approach the question as of BfA. Should I do it by race, picking a Forsaken or Troll that could relate to the story? Should I decide by class, like a hunter to explore the wild reaches of Zandalar, or a warrior to convey Horde pride?

How should I decide?

I have a bunch of Warriors ready to go, a Human, a Night Elf, two Lightforged and a Void Elf. One of the Lightforged used to be a Tauren, but I don’t have any Tauren anymore. I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to level any Horde this time out — I think this expansion is officially the one where I’m just done playing Horde. At least until Blizzard stops making them the aggressors in every faction conflict, anyway.

Yes, dinosaur Druids. It’s hard to say no to. But I think I’m just finally able to confess that I just plain like the Alliance better. They’re less blatantly evil. Sure, sometimes they do things I don’t like, but the Horde are just always saddled with the instigator role and it doesn’t appeal to me as a player. If they’d had the Alliance attack Lordaeron first, and then had the Horde burn Darnassus as payback, I’d actually be a lot more invested and interested in the Horde story.

So yeah, either I’ll level my Night Elf first as a homicidal, on the brink of snapping vengeance crazed maniac, or one of my Lightforged. I think my Human will be going back home to Lordaeron and trying to find out if any of his family stayed dead.


Q4tQ: if I do the artifact retirement quest does that set all my characters to max AP or does each one have to do it?

You have to do it per character, but at least you only have to do it once per each character. Although I know a lot of people who would love to do it multiple times.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. I’ll be around next Friday. Everyone try and stay safe.

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