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Zoltan Kulle

The Queue: Zoltan Kulle never lies

No, seriously. Think about it. Zoltan Kulle literally says nothing to you that’s a lie. Every time he talks to you — every offer of the two of you ruling the world as Nephalem, every time he hints at Leah’s true parentage or mocks Adria and Tyrael’s motives, he’s telling you the absolute and unvarnished truth. He’s a power hungry egomaniac, but when he says that Angels are just as hostile to us as Demons, he’s right. When he says that they almost destroyed Sanctuary, he’s right. Kulle never actually lies.

Even Tyrael says things that turn out to be untrue when he’s under the effect of the despair being radiated during Act IV, but Kulle never once says anything that isn’t true. He’s evil, reptilian in his self-regard, but he never lies. That makes him the one person you can rely on, really — and you killed him, and he doesn’t even hold that against you.

Zoltan Kulle is your best friend.

This is the Queue.

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