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The QueueJul 27, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: They can’t all be winners

Look, I’m tired, I got my eye injections this week and it’s really been painful as heck this time, let’s just do the Queue without the pressure of me trying to be funny. Because I’m all out of funny this week.

Questions and answers and all that kind of thing.


Q4tQ: I really miss Cavern Of Time dungeons. I also feel like we’re at a point with the history of content where we could have some fun with being an “un-seen hand” in previous raids and instances; like we’re the ones who crashed Talramas OR we caused the prison break in the Stormwind Stockade? If you were to come up with an BfA CoT dungeon that involved previous content, what would it do?

I would absolutely love a Caverns of Time dungeon that sends us back to the moment that Thaurissan summoned Ragnaros and it turns out it’s our fault that he lost control of the spell and blew up the whole chunk of Redridge that turned into the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes. Without us, the Molten Core never would have happened.


I’m probably just biased because my main is an ally, but I really don’t like playing through the teldrassil quests on my horde toons. I feel like a bad guy and not the cool long black trench coat kind either… I’ve never felt like that playing on my horde toons before. Is it good game design that I’m now more one sided or bad that it’s not fun playing 50% of the game for me? Am I the only one too that feels like it makes the horde out to be too much of the bad guys?

It’s kinda a sad story line I’m going to go play Banner Saga 3 that’ll cheer me up… lol

Oh no you don’t.

I am simply not getting dragged into this one. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not even going to play this one Alliance side. I played it Horde side, and I’ll continue to play it Horde side in the next couple of weeks. But in my world, my Night Elf dies fighting to save her people and I’m retiring her and playing a Lightforged for my Alliance Warrior.

I’m either playing an Orc or a Forsaken for my Horde. I’m just steering into the skid this time around. No matter what happens, I’m playing a character who just wouldn’t care.


Q4TQ: What is your favorite weapon type? I’d have to go with Longbow.


Look, even taking you know who out of the equation, there’s something beautiful and iconic to me about the greatsword. Whether it’s a somewhat semi-realistic one like Typhoon or Destiny or the completely impossible ones like Armageddon or Gurthalak, I just really love big two handed swords. I always have. I mean, I have plenty of axes and maces and polearms in my collection, but while I love them and use them often, big swords are always going to be my favorites.

And well, of course there’s Ashkandi.


Q4TQ: Do you think Blizzard has a big surprise for us in the quests / scenarios leading up to BfA. I’m talking about something à la Varian dying. I know the burning of Teldrassil and destruction of Undercity is huge but we’ve known this for almost a year.

At this point, a scene where Sylvanas burns the tree down would surprise me because a lot of players seem completely incapable of believing that a woman who countenanced biological warfare experiments on Humans and Gnomes in her Undercity in order to develop a plague which she deliberately and willfully used in Gilneas against Garrosh Hellscream’s orders would burn down a tree. I mean, seriously, guys, there’s literally nothing Sylvanas won’t do if she thinks she’ll get a victory out of it.

So if Blizzard actually had a scene where Sylvanas does it, or orders it, I would be surprised. It feels to me like literally no one thinks this will happen — and even in game she seems to be determined to occupy the tree instead of destroying it, which seems… wildly optimistic. Then again, I’m not really sure her plan of occupying the tree and using the Night Elf civilians as living shields to keep the Alliance from retaliating is better than burning it down.

I’d kind of love it if Shandris burned the tree down as a middle finger to Sylvanas, or Maiev maybe. I could definitely see Maiev doing it, the tree didn’t even exist when she left for Outland, it would hold no particular importance for her.


Q4tQ: I was just thinking, and I’m probably like the millionth person to wonder this, but could race choice and faction choice ever be separated?

Like there are people who play Horde now, who don’t like what the Horde is doing. So if they had the choice their character might defect. Likewise with the Alliance, maybe there are those who hate certain choices and think the Horde is lesser of the two evils. Blizz seem to be trying to show things as shades of grey/make your own mind up. Pandaren opened the door to doing away with silhouettes being a faction specific thing, and with all the allied races, why not be able to ‘make your own alliances’. It seems like if they are ever going to do that, then the conclusion of BfA would be perfect for it.

Edit: Oh also, are they ever going to fix Void Elves jumping? I spam spacebar and nothing fun happens anymore :(

I feel like Blizzard wants to keep the races pretty much as they are. They let you faction transfer now — I’ve had the same Warrior go Horde, then Alliance, then Horde, and then back to Alliance, for example. I don’t think Blizzard thinks they need to let you keep being an Orc when you switch factions and I’m probably in agreement with them. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but it would look really weird to me to see Orcs in Alliance PVP gear yelling “For the Alliance!” and charging at those Horde Gnomes.

But at the same time, Before the Storm definitely made me wonder about Alliance Forsaken. So… maybe? Never say never? Blizzard’s allowed a lot of things that used to be unthinkable, why not this? Or heck, who knows, maybe at the end of this expansion the Alliance and Horde actually negotiate a peace treaty and you can play as a ‘Horde/Alliance Ambassador’ if you want to, allowing you to still be a member of your faction but living among the other faction. Like that episode of Star Trek TNG when Riker served on a Klingon ship.

I’m not saying that will happen, but the truth is, I have no idea what will happen. I don’t know who decides to burn down Teldrassil. I don’t know what happens after the Alliance takes Undercity. I really have no idea what’s going to happen this expansion, which is why I’d much rather be playing in the 110 to 120 game. I’m as in the dark as anyone and I want to see what happens next.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. Hopefully next week will be less hectic for us all.

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