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The QueueAug 3, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: She is eager for next Tuesday

I spent today on my Death Knight killing Horde in Darkshore. Forsaken were my special targets, and since I was on a Blood DK I would pull up to a dozen if I had to in order to kill that Forsaken Priest or Warlock. It was kind of cathartic. I’m playing my Death Knight, because in a strange way it feels like she would be the one to handle what’s happening in Kalimdor the best of my Night Elves. Oh, she’s angry, but she’s dead — she’s used to everything falling apart and monsters murdering everything, she used to be in the Scourge.

Still, next week when we walk into Undercity and give back what we’ve been given will be sweet. She’s looking forward to it.


Does anybody know if you can get the bat/hippogryph from te prepatch questline after BfA releases?

The WarcraftDevs twitter specifically stated that yes, these mounts are only available during the pre-patch.


Q4tQ: I play Horde and….are we….are we the baddies?

These are the events.

The Horde marched across Ashenvale and Darkshore, destroying every town it came across, killing civilians as they did. This was made clear in Astranaar.

It also sent assassins to kill the head of state of the nation they were invading. Their leadership’s stated objective was to capture and occupy the enemy capital city and keep the population as prisoners to effectively use them as living shields to keep the Alliance at bay.

Then the Warchief ordered the Horde to burn a city occupied primarily by civilians and noncombatants and they followed her order, and thus, many civilians died in an inferno. I know Horde players didn’t see this, but the evacuation quests make it clear — you don’t even come close to saving the number of people you were assigned.

That’s what happened. It happened whether or not you were playing Alliance or Horde. Its up to every player to decide how they feel about those events and what they mean to them. I have my opinion, but I know it’s not universal and I won’t try to push it on you.

It’s up to each of us to make our own decisions about how we feel about this. I can’t tell you how to feel. I mean, Horde or Alliance, you’re all my community — none of you are the baddies in real life, where it counts.


Q4TQ — A few parts of the Suramar questline had potential abrupt stops by asking you for a large amount of mana crystals to pay off someone before you could proceed in the quests and having fun playing the game.
Are those intact or have the costs been reduced to allow more fun game play?

As recently as last week you still needed the mana crystals.


Why did Kil’Jaeden put Ner’zhul’s spirit in a set of human-sized and human-shaped armour? That seems a bit odd, especially as he didn’t want him using a successor to be free of the Legion’s control.

Magical items often change size to fit the wearer/wielder. I mean, I’ve looted armor off of Ogres and then just put it on.


I’m thinking I need to buy Before the Storm. I think I need more context for what is happening then seems to be provided in game. I usually just get books on my kindle now, UNLESS there are maps and pictures in there, then I like to have a real book. So, does anyone know, does this book have artwork in it?

You’ll be fine getting the Kindle version. I got that and I was very happy with it. There are small maps of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms in the book, but that’s basically it aside from the cover.


So where do you think the Night Elves will go now? We can’t just have a bunch of refugees sitting around in Stormwind Harbor forever right? RIGHT?

On the Beta they’re still in Stormwind.

I honestly don’t know what will happen. The Night Elves are still fighting throughout Kalimdor according to the mission table missions for Battle for Azeroth that have been datamined and the Horde is far from controlling any of their territory — they’ve destroyed a lot of it, but they haven’t actually held onto much of it. The Horde is great at shock and awe destruction, but not really very good at occupation.

I’d like it if the Night Elves returned, reclaimed Darkshore and Ashenvale, and built a new city. I don’t think they could ever return to Teldrassil even if the tree somehow survived this. A real possibility would be that they just wouldn’t have a city anymore — they did without a major city for a long time, they could just live in their zones I suppose.

I assume the Forsaken will just move back to Undercity. Unlike Darnassus, it won’t be a destroyed ruin. They’ll be able to move back.

But we’re still very early here. For all I know, the Horde will hold Kalimdor despite massive fighting, the Alliance will hold the Eastern Kingdoms, and each faction’s displaced populations will just have to find new places to live. As long as Hyjal exists I can’t imagine the Night Elves not continuing to fight, but I am not prepared to pretend I know what’s going to happen.

Okay. Last week’s Queue, I said that I would be surprised if Sylvanas burned the tree just because so many of y’all were completely unwilling to accept that she would. Truth was, of course I wasn’t surprised. But this week, I’ll say that I will be surprised if Anduin actually orders the destruction of Undercity. I expect the city will be captured and the Forsaken will flee, but I doubt Anduin will actually do anything to it. Let’s see if I’m right.

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