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Hearthstone > NewsAug 7, 2018 1:00 pm CT

13 hot Hearthstone decks to try in the Boomsday Project expansion

Good news, everyone, Hearthstone’s Boomsday Project expansion is here. We’ve looked at the cards one by one, but we can only see their true potential by combining those cards into decks. But in day one of a brand-new meta, which decks should you start with?

I’ve gathered some promising deck concepts to try out. All the decks you see here are untested ideas. They might be great ideas and take you straight up the ladder. They might be fun ideas, but not strong enough to win. They might be horrible ideas their creators were convinced would fly, but flop instead. Time will tell. Your success with them will depend on what other decks you encounter as well as the area of the ladder you are in.

Before we get into the deck lists, remember that you don’t need to have every card in a deck list to make it work. As long as you have the core, defining cards, you can find good substitutes for most of the others (and some deck lists helpfully suggest substitutions). At higher ranks (anything above 15), you’re going to encounter many incomplete decks right after release, and your matchmaking rating should match you with people who have similar collections.

Now on to the decks.

Druid decks

Malygos Druid by TicTac_HS

Malygos Druid is already doing well in the waning days of the Witchwood, with Tempo Storm ranking it as the current best deck. It’s getting some good tools in the Boomsday Project to make it even stronger with Flobdinous Floop, Juicy Psychmelon, and Dreampetal Florist.

Mecha’Thun Druid by Liquid_hsdog

You’re going to see many Mecha’Thun decks in the early days of the Boomsday Project. This one uses Naturalize and Innervate to pull off a game winning combo and take full advantage of Mecha’Thun. Druid has the ramp and card cycle to make this deck work, and even if its doesn’t have a high win percentage Mecha’Thun will still be fun to pull off. It will probably resemble the early Shudderwock decks of the Witchwood meta.

Hunter decks

Magnetic Bomb Hunter by WillPwn

As its title implies, Magnetic Hunter uses the new Magnetic keyword to buff minions while its bombs put serious pressure on your opponent. Face is place once more for Rexxar. WillPwn describes it this way:

Using the new Goblin Bombs and Magnetic Mech synergies to create big boards that threaten constant hero damage and board development. Unlike other bomb decks that focus on bomb destruction, this deck uses the constant threat of hero damage as a way to generate sticky boards with a punishment for clearing threats.

Mage decks

OTK Mage by xBlaineHS

This deck is powered by the new Legendary spell Luna’s Pocket Galaxy. Besides being an awesome Men in Black reference, the card lets you put down Archmage Antonidas and four Sorcerer’s Apprentices on the board for unlimited power… I mean unlimited Fireballs.

Paladin decks

Mech Paladin by Raven

The last time Paladins had an good early game, they became a dominant force. The Boomsday Project gives this mech-powered Midrange Paladin some fantastic early drops to grab the board from turn one.

Priest decks

Combo Egg Priest by Haze

The Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo has been around since the earliest days of Hearthstone. Topsy Turvy gives Priest yet another way to pull off the combo. This deck makes use of Reckless Experimenter with Meat Wagon and various “egg” cards to build some difficult to deal with boards and keeps the combo ready as a win condition.

Quest Priest by GokhanTR34

Priest received great deathrattle and deathrattle synergy cards, which should allow for a midrange deck that completes the quest while also keeping pressure on the opponent. This list uses Zerek, Master Cloner and an array of buffs to keep pressure on the opponent as you work towards completing the quest. I might try a resurrect list with Zerek’s Cloning Gallery, and use Coffin Crasher to cheat out my Obsidian Statues. As long as I can figure out a way to live long enough.

Rogue decks

Pogo Hopper Rogue from Hearthstone Top Decks

Even this deck’s name sounds fun. You use the new Pogo Hopper card and shuffle it into your deck with Lab Recruiter, and return it to your hand with all the standard Rogue tricks. Each time you play it, it gets bigger and bigger, a bit like the old Jade cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Mecha’thun Rogue by il_defa

Rogue has some fantastic tools to pull off the Mecha’thun combo like Shadowstep and Backstab, but the real powerhouse is Myra’s Unstable Element. Myra’s is one of those cards you scratch your head at when it’s first released, but then makes perfect sense when combined with Mecha’thun.


Elemental Aggro from Hearthstone Top Decks

Aggresive decks do well in the opening days of a new meta by taking advantage of unrefined and experimental decks. The idea behind this deck is to build a board, force a Bloodlust draw with Stormchaser, and then go face. If the game goes a bit longer, Electra Stormsurge can give you a powerful finisher. Double Bloodlust anyone? There’s no Exhaustion debuff in Hearthstone. Aggro Shaman ruled the meta once, and it might be on its way back.


Demon Zoo from Hearthstone Top Decks

Who needs mechs when you have demons? Zoo is another deck which has been around forever and came to fore in the closing days of the Witchwood. The Boomsday Project adds cards like The Soularium, Doubling Imp, and Void Analyst to the mix. Professional Hearthstone player Zalaeh riffs on demon zoo with a heal package to build up a huge Lightwarden and get free Happy Ghouls.

Warrior decks

Mech Warrior from Hearthstone Top Decks

Paladin is my favorite class in World of Warcraft, but in Hearthstone, I love playing Warriors and Priests. Warrior hasn’t fared well as of late, and Mech Warrior looks to try to change that. It provides Warrior with some good anti-aggro tools to hopefully survive long enough to pull out Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. He’s got more RNG than an Enhancement Shaman, but  those effects are powerful. You also might want to check out the Big Recruit Warrior from professional Hearthstone player Tars.

Grim Security Rover by Kartoha

One of my all time favorite decks in Hearthstone was Grim Patron Warrior. When I saw Security Rover, I got excited and started dreaming of bringing back those glory days. This list gives plenty of anti-aggro tools but few activators. I’m going to experiment with Scourgelord Garrosh instead of Dr. Boom, Mad Scientists or I might try to shoehorn in a couple of Whirlwinds. I feel like there’s a deck to be made with Security Rover and Fire Plume’s Heart, but I’m still working on it.

What if I want to play something else?

If you’re looking to build a deck around a specific card or Legendary you’ve opened, Heathpwn’s deck finder tool can help. You put in the card you want to build the deck around in the “Contains” field, then hit Filter. Heathpwn will return a list of user-made decks with that card in them. Look over the decks with the most upvotes and comments, then try one out.

If you’d like to see my pack openings, I’ll be streaming on the Blizzard Watch Twitch channel Tuesday night around 9:30pm EDT followed up by some games.

What decks are you looking to test out in the early days of the the Boomsday Project?

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