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The QueueAug 7, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: You call for peace when it suits you, little lion..

I knew that was coming (it was on Wowhead a while back), but hot damn did I still love it. Sylvanas is a fantastic character and I love everything she does. I won’t say more for the sake of not spoiling things, but man… that was better than I expected thanks to the superb cinematic work.


Q4TQ — Outlaw Rogue or Havoc Demon Hunter?

I prefer Havoc over Outlaw. In general, I think I like my Demon Hunter more than my Rogue — and my Rogue is one of my oldest toons ever. Demon Hunters just feel… like a better version of Rogues, to be honest. Of course, that’s entirely down to preference — I love Stealth, I love stunning enemies, and I love the overall aesthetic Rogues have quite a bit.

But aesthetics aside, Demon Hunters are more mobile, have cooler-feeling abilities, and better self-healing.


Q4tQ: Do you think Sylvanas would accept a proposal from Saurfang for a Mak’gora?

No, I do not. Sylvanas fights to win, whatever that may take. Mak’gora is a very specific kind of fight, with a very specific kind of fighter in mind. Sylvanas is not that kind of fighter. She might accept a challenge for the position of Warchief, mind you — but then she’d set up a way to win that didn’t involve cheating, per se, but also didn’t exactly seem “fair” in the truest definition of the word.


I thought the novella had art? Or Blizzard just not care about owners of digital collectors edition?

It does have art. But Blizzard makes physical collector’s editions for a reason. One of those reasons is money, and if you’re not going to offer a whole lot of unique stuff, you’re not going to sell your product. But in a less cynical sense, Blizzard also wants to reward its most loyal fans. They do care about digital collectors — that’s why they’re offering you what they’re offering you without saying, “Get the physical version or get nothing.” And they also care about the loyal fans — which is why the physical collectors are getting things like art. It’s an important thing for an important portion of the fan base. There needs to be a progression of goods from version to version — the reason they have those different versions in the first place is because they care about offering different types of collectors different options. And also money.

(Not to mention, the absence of the art book was a pretty big complaint among collectors. To not have that and include novella art to anyone would be salt in the wound.)


Q4tMitch: do you have any worries that Sylvanas will be stuck with the villain ball for all of BfA? Perhaps even falling into ‘stupid evil’ territory. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe the woman; as a competent threat and embodiment of evil. Love to hate her you could say, like Cersei Lannister.

I bring this up, because of the lackluster 3 way battle between Sylvanas, Malfurion, and Saurfang. Played from the Alliance side, you’re struck with a “plot convenient arrow of stunning” and Sylvanas begins a lengthy monologue and then leaves. Without killing Malfurion or the player. Assuming that Varok “OMG so dishonorable thing I just did” Saurfang will handle it.

It’s inconsistent with her established methods and characterization, and that scene itself is OOC for her and others (more on that below).

I am a little worried, yes. But I think in a different sense than many. I don’t want Sylvanas to become the end-all, be-all focus of everyone’s hatred because I don’t want the expansion to culminate in another Garrosh moment. I don’t think it will, and I have more faith in the WoW team to deliver a “we’re going to Argus!” sort of divergence… but that doesn’t mean part of me isn’t worried that’s too hopeful.

I still maintain that nothing she’s doing is out of character, though — it’s just in the spotlight, which is not where she usually operates. Her moment with Saurfang felt a little odd, but I also think she was either 1) rewarding Saurfang with the killing blow because he, as a soldier, deserved it, or 2) testing his loyalty. Probably both, to be honest.


Q4tQ: when it came time for the void lock to rescue the people of Teldrassil, I like saved two people and then just watched the place burn. Does that make me a bad person?

To paraphrase a comment, it still makes you a better person than Tyrande.

In a serious comment — and I’m talking in a wider sense here — it doesn’t make you a bad person. No view on the game or decisions you make as a character make you a bad person. It’s a game. People seem to be jumping from “bad character” to “bad person” lately, and that’s just plain wrong.

If you did these sorts of thing in real life? Yeah, you’d be a bad person. Like, a really bad person. But in-game? Do what you want. Be an evil character who “saves” the Humans of Hillsbrad by smushing their heads with a shovel. Watch the tree burn with a smile on your face. Use the Plague on friend and foe alike because you can.

…Just don’t do that stuff in real life.


What is the book ‘Of Mitch and Men’ about? I need to throw a book report together

That is a story about darkness. About human connection. It is both looking at and looking through the looking glass for the reader. It weighs the torment of existence against the horror of non-being. The undercurrents make one wonder if there can ever truly be an understanding of the methods of the Old Gods. It offers no answers, yet barely knows the questions.

You’re gonna have to read it a couple times.


Q4tQ: Hey what’s the XP like for mining and herbalism nodes after all the changes have shaken out? Anyone check this out? We talkin’ non-elite kill level? Elite kill level?

Hey, I wrote a thing on this! As far as I’m aware, nothing’s changed. Basically, it’s not efficient, but it can technically get you to 120 in the starter zones so… your call.


2 Factions Enter: The Ebon Blade vs The Undercity

Nothing can destroy the Underci–

So ends The Queue. As with last week, please tag your spoilers.

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