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Discussion > WoWSep 4, 2018 8:00 am CT

“No, thanks” — what Mythic+ in BFA will get you to instantly delete your Keystone?

In more than one Mythic+ group I’ve ran with in the past, there was a running joke that earning a Mythic+ Keystone for a particular dungeon meant we’d immediately delete that Keystone and hope for better luck next week. Sometimes, this was a joke — other times, we actually would have a member delete their Keystone. Usually, this happened with Seat of the Triumvirate, Cathedral of Eternal Night, or either of the Karazhan dungeons.

Now, with the release of Mythic+ today, players are going to have to start making that same decision with some of Battle for Azeroth’s, erm… less-fun dungeons. Granted, the expansion has only been out a few weeks, so things might shake out differently than expected, but I foresee a lot of groups eyeballing their Shrine of the Storm Keystone and proceeding to pretend they just don’t have a key that week.

Of all the dungeons in Battle for Azeroth — Siege of Boralus and King’s Rest being exceptions, since I have yet to run them — Shrine of the Storm is consistently the most painful. Not only does it have a solid amount of trash and a couple of boss encounters that can be a downright pain to beat, it also has some of the worst trash. A group of several healers with a strong heal that adds a DOT, a water elemental that interrupts you by throwing you in the air, and a defensive enemy that reduces damage taken by nearby mobs? Yeah, no. One wrong pull in that place and you may as well get the wipe over with soon and hope the next pull goes smoother.

That said, The MOTHERLODE!! is also a pretty trash-heavy dungeon, albeit less painful trash. I can see people not wanting to do that one. But hey, maybe I’m completely off base here. What dungeon do you never want to do on Mythic+? What Affixes do you see being especially awful for certain encounters, and what encounters are they? Sound off below!

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