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The QueueSep 7, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Quest Bangs

What’s a Quest Bang? Well, I just found out that’s what the exclamation points that float over questgiver heads in games like WoW are called. I kind of love it, I won’t even pretend otherwise.

And yes, that is my Death Knight with a rainbow coming out of her head. Well, not really, but close enough.

Let’s chat, guys.


Interestingly, my spanking new 120 Fury Warrior has had almost more drops than she can manage. Not great weps so far but I have squnched a few already.

Neither of my Fury Warriors have been getting squat on gear, so I salute you. My Prot Warrior isn’t even 112 yet so I’m not worrying about him.

Gear this expansion has been really weird for me. My DK has had good and then bad and then good luck overall, especially with weapons (I got a Khor, Hammer of the Guardian this week so I’ve been up and down the whole spectrum of emotion) and I’m still not quite used to the whole ‘needing weapons again’ part of the expansion. And I’m very much on the fence about Azerite armor pieces. But I feel like this week with Uldir and the World Boss and Arathi there’s more potential upgrades than before and people will start to see more gear soon.

This is my hope, anyway.


Q4TQ: I can’t remember: do previous PVP season outfits have to be purchased by the correct class, or can any toon buy it and unlock it?

PVP gear is class specific in most cases, except for pieces like belts and boots that are sometimes wearable by multiple classes. I think the old Vanilla sets might have some overlap, but I’m not 100% on that. For example, I bought the complete Mists of Pandaria set, the Grievous Gladiator’s Plate Armor, on my Warrior forgetting that my Death Knight wouldn’t be able to use it. I found a set I liked for my DK, in part thanks to y’all recommending it, but now I’m upset because none of my Warriors can use it.

Stuff that’s got a unique look per faction usually does convert to its faction-specific appearance, so if you have the Alliance version of a set, your Horde characters of the same class could use the Horde version. My Tauren wears the Grievous Gladiator because it’s a lovely green shade even though I bought it on an Allilance Warrior.


Q4TQ: Would Anduin accept Yrel and her lot into the Alliance if they came to him?

From his perspective, why wouldn’t he at least listen to them? All we know about them comes from the Mag’har of Alt-Draenor, who formed a planet counquering army and tried to wipe out or enslave the Draenei less than a generation ago. Sure, they tell Horde players about how tyrannical and fanatical Y’rel has become.

But these are the same Orcs who willingly followed Grom Hellscream on a rampage of conquest across their world just because an Orc from another timeline said so. They’re not unbiased and considering how they have acted in the past, I see no reason Anduin would trust their word even if he heard it, which he’s not likely to do. We see in Battle for Azeroth that the Horde of our world very much views the Alliance as oppressors, and would describe them much the way the Mag’har describe the Lightbound.

Anduin is a Priest, and one with great facility with the Holy Light. High Exarch Turalyon is one of his advisers now, and the Lightforged have joined the Alliance ranks. Yrel and the Lightbound would certainly seem very compatible, at least at first.


I personally love story content. The first time through, I read every single word of every quest.

However, many of my guildies just wanted to rush to max level and were irritated by the metric ton of side quests. It’s left me wondering why Blizzard doesn’t just use a different color exclamation mark for important main chapter quests that are required for the zone.

Red exclamation mark means you must do. Yellow means side quest. Problem solved, no?

I’m very old.

I remember when all quests were yellow. There were no orange quest bangs for Artifact quests or Main Story quests, no blue for Daily/repeatable quests, and none of the World Quests that just start when you enter an area and don’t even touch your quest log. But I’m not a nostalgic person by temperament, so while I don’t think we need a ton of multicolored quest bangs (man, learning that phrase happened just in time for this question) I do wonder if there needs to be a more clear demarcation for people who just want to blaze through a zone’s most essential quests.

I mean, I find myself going back and doing Drustvar on my Warriors because I want the rep from doing all the zone quests, but I can see wanting to skip it and get on with things. But I don’t know about red quests. In the original game engine Artifacts were red, but when they actually made Artifacts available to players they went with the orange color we know today. I’d prefer a lighter color myself.


Are there cinematics in Uldir? I was going to spoil the raid for myself and watch these, but I cannot find any on YouTube.

I have not seen any, no.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. Take it easy, y’all. What color would you like to see Quest Bangs come in?

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