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WoWSep 11, 2018 2:00 pm CT

Method’s livestreaming their Mythic Uldir run tonight — and it marks a huge shift for the hardcore raiding scene

Method, one of World of Warcraft’s top guilds, will stream the entirety of their world-first attempt at the Mythic Uldir raid on Twitch. The European guild that’s been the world first to kill many raid bosses in the game’s history plans to show us almost every angle from their upcoming race to be the world’s first guild to finish Mythic Uldir when it goes live — which is technically not until tomorrow since Method is an EU guild.

The streams will come from a variety of players in different roles, so you can see how the team works through the encounters. There’s a big list of the individual Twitch pages on the Method site, but the main Twitch page will cycle through all of them throughout the raid.

Many have streamed their first raids in the past as well as uploaded full videos of them, but this will be one of the most thorough ways to see how a guild deconstructs the latest bosses and achievements as they happen. Typically, the strategies are released later in the race, but this will be the first — or at least, most notable — way to see everything done live.

Judging from the announcement, it sounds like Method will likely also stream future raids, which could shift how these world-first races work. With one of the major guilds going completely transparent on the process, it might open the door for more competitors in the raiding scene, considering they can see how it’s done. It also might turn what has become more of a niche race, with few guilds actually participating, into a form of entertainment and spectacle for viewers. It may seem like a brave choice by Method, but considering their place in the raiding scene and how their Twitch popularity and sponsorship could turn what would otherwise be a prideful endeavor into a profitable one, it starts to make sense why they’re trying this route.

Method will have eight bosses to work through across three wings. It’ll be a long stream, but they might come out of it with some big accomplishments — and probably a ton of viewers. The guild will also host an event at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London where three of their main raiders will stream with local commentary on the run. They’re clearly hitting this as big as possible to see if this is the kind of thing people would want to see in the future, and I’m very curious how it will change how these races go and how they’re perceived by the community.

Will you be watching the streams, and how do you think this will affect the raiding scene?

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