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World First

Ex-Method raiders form new guild — but can Echo rise from the ashes of the Method implosion?

If you don't know about the implosion of Method, one of the premier world first raiding guilds across the long history of World of Warcraft, then let me just warn you, it's disturbing to see the litany of sexual misconduct and harassment -- and sometimes worse -- that came out in recent months about the guild and specific members.

Gingi from Method got to level 120 before you. Here’s a list of things that take longer.

The world first 120 has been achieved less than five hours after launch ... yes, you read that right. Five hours. Gingi from Method leveled a Balance Druid up to BFA's new max level before everyone else. When hearing this it got me thinking about things that take longer than five hours. There are many things in life that hit that mark:

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