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News > Overwatch 2Nov 3, 2018 10:00 am CT

Overwatch fans love new hero Ashe, here’s the best fan art of her

With any new Overwatch hero or skin, fans of the game rush to show their love, usually via fan art or tweets in all caps. Ashe has caught the eye of many, many players after Blizzard announced the hero at BlizzCon this week, and they’ve been doing all of that.









As you can clearly see, people are very into Ashe and not so much her Omnic butler sidekick, although I’ve seen a fair amount of people rooting for big B.O.B. I think part of the huge reaction to our new gun-toting lady is that, for the most part, she was a surprise — both from a new hero announcement perspective, and from the short also including Echo, the Omnic, that looked like they could be the new hero.

Ashe isn’t playable on the PTR servers yet, but I’ve seen a lot of people start to theorize how she’ll interact with the rest of the Overwatch cast. Surely characters like Sombra, McCree, and Reaper will have a lot to say to and reveal about Ashe once she’s finally in the game. Even though we got a short, there’s a ton of unanswered questions, especially since Ashe clearly knows about Echo too, and there’s got to be a good reason McCree put himself at such a risk to retrieve them.

Ashe even has two skins that were revealed during the Overwatch What’s Next panel. One skin has her dressed up in a striped, black and white mobster outfit, and another one has her in shorts and a vest to go exploring. I’m sure we’ll see art of those skins, particularly the Mobster one very soon. The neat thing about Ashe skins is they also change the look of her ultimate ability and robot friend, B.O.B. We’ll be checking out the rest of her skins and cosmetics when she goes live over on our Twitch channel.

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