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Breakfast Topic > WoWDec 4, 2018 8:00 am CT

How would you change Island Expeditions?

Yesterday, Blizzard outlined changes they have planned for Island Expeditions in the upcoming patch 8.1 for World of Warcraft. As it is right now, cosmetic items have a chance to drop based on what enemy types you kill during your expedition (e.g., Vrykul). Kill more of that type of enemy, get a higher chance of their related cosmetic item at the end. It sounds simple, but it was never really clear — and even once it was discovered, it led to people approaching Island Expeditions in very different ways. And that’s what the upcoming system aims to fix.

In short, you’ll have a chance to get cosmetic items from whatever enemy types were on the island, regardless of whether or not you killed them. Island full of Vrykul, Murlocs, and Hozen? Even if you kill Hozen all day long, you still have a chance at some of the Vrykul-related cosmetics. As far as efficiency and clarity go, it’s an improvement!

But I still can’t help but feel like it doesn’t fix my actual issues with Island Expeditions. For starters — and I realize I’m in the minority here — I kind of liked being able to target specific enemy types for specific cosmetics that I wanted. Once I realized something like the Ahoy! addon existed, it became much, much better. Had Blizzard implemented their own version of this addon, I’d be happier, to be quite honest. The new system works better for players at large but also has the side effect of making Island Expedition rewards 100% RNG based.

However, nothing above does (or would) make Island Expeditions closer to the scenarios I had expected them to be. I had hoped for something more akin to Mists of Pandaria’s scenarios — more variety between scenarios, less repetition in the scenarios themselves, and small bits of story from them all. There’s randomness to Island Expeditions right now, but it doesn’t give the feeling of variety those older scenarios did. It still boils down to killing mobs.

I know I’m not alone in being underwhelmed by Island Expeditions, so I turn it to you now. How would you change Island Expeditions? Why would you make those changes?

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