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The QueueDec 4, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Weewoo

Oh, hello, all! I suppose it’s Tuesday, innit?

Guess that means we’re Queuing!


Now that we’ve had ample time to do them several times, I think I’ve reached a verdict:
like Island Expeditions.
don’t like Warfronts.

I think we had high expections for both of those features, but while I can say that I was initially disappointed with expeditions, they grew on me. It’s fun to hunt for rares, AoE groups of mobs, sometimes engage with the opposite faction AI, and sometimes get rewards in the end.

Warfronts, on the other hand, are always the exact same thing. And there is absolutely no challenge. I cannot even bring myself to do them on characters that still need the gear.

Q4TQ: what’s your take on those two features?

As far as my expectations? Neither of these features met them. I had been especially excited for Warfronts, and they ended up being far, far different from what I thought they’d be. Meanwhile, Island Expeditions seemed like they’d be a return to 3-man scenarios, and… well, they kind of are, but with less detail.

But now that I’ve played them both and adjusted my expectations, I’m kind of okay with both of them as mindless content I can do when I want (assuming the Warfront is up) and how I want.

I think I prefer Warfronts, just because they don’t have to be done more than once per cycle. And also because Island Expeditions have waaaaay too many rewards hidden in them. I don’t even care about how we get those items — I care that there are too many of them.


Q4tQ: There seems to be a lot change happening at Blizzard, new Blizzard CEO, Blizzard moving in the direction of developing app versions of their games, and Blizzard stock going down week by week.

Blizzard seems to doubling down on making Island Expeditions work by upping the rewards given out. Specifically with transmogs, pets, mounts, etc. Goodness knows players aren’t doing them to grind out Azerite Power or because they’re fun. :D

My question, If Blizzard can make Island Expeditions into successful game play by increasing non progression rewards, how long do you think it will be until we see loot boxes being sold in WoW?

I mean, there are already store mounts and pets — and technically even transmog — so the difference here would be randomness? Even if Blizzard didn’t already have a precedent for how store goodies will work, I don’t think they’ll add Loot Boxes to WoW. Plus, the game already has a subscription model, which is fairly outdated at this point.

If Blizz made the game F2P? Maybe. Maybe. But I really don’t think Loot Boxes will ever make their way into WoW.


2BE: Valeera Sanguinar vs Garona

Oh, Valeera for sure.


So which do you think is more convenient for the DMF, having the Faire closer to a city’s portal like the Horde, Or having a single vendor nearby with all the stuff you might need for profession quests like the Alliance?

Well, given you can talk to Darkmoon Faire folks all over cities and have them teleport you to the portal for like 10 silver or something… I’d much prefer the vendor with profession i



Q4tQ: I’m a Horde main so I’ve just recently started playing the Alliance war campaign and was surprised by our Warchief’s secret deal with the San’layn. Not in a “I can’t believe she did that” way, but until I saw Rokhan talk to them I assumed the Alliance had their intel wrong. Anyway, on to the question.

What’s the difference between the San’layn and the Dark Rangers? From what I know, they’re both high elves that died and were risen by Arthas. Is it simply a distinction of Mage nobles vs Hunters or is there something deeper?

The way I understand it, San’layn were specifically the highest caliber of Kael’thas’ commanders who were then raised by Arthas. I don’t think there are any new San’layn — but it’s unclear, really. What turned them into San’layn that’s different from the usual method of raising dead? I have no idea.

Dark Rangers, meanwhile, have shifted a bit and include more than just Elves. They’re Forsaken whom Nathanos trains specifically as Dark Rangers.


Q4TQ: I am putting my guild’s annual holiday party together. Every year, I dress my pandaren up as santa, farm up a ton of gifts for guildies – weapon enchants, battle pets, goblin glider kits, big bags, that kind of thing – and we throw a fiesta in my Draenor garrison. What should I add to my gifting list? What would you want to receive as an in-game gift (that doesn’t break my BFA-limited gold)?

I’m all about rare transmog. It’s hard to know what people will be after, but there are a couple items out there that should be guaranteed winners (lightsaber swords and the like). There’s also (potentially) stuff like store goodies that you can gift. But yeah — transmog gets my vote.


Q4tQ: what happened to the Liz queue? Did Mitch finally consume Liz and Liztopia, as was predicted in the tablets of Mitch, kicking off the end times of the queue?

End times? No, friend, this is just the beginning…


Do Warfront Queues tend to get longer as the week goes on or do they stay at under a minute throughout?

Nope — no difference in queue times! At least not in my experience. I’ve queued at various times/days and never had an issue. Queue whenever, so long as you actually own the Warfront!

That’s all for today!

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