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The QueueDec 14, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Foxes

I think the new fox mount is a touch better than the older one. But, being that I myself am ancient as the dawn, I figure I’ll stick with the older one.

I have no opinion on vegan tacos because I don’t like tacos.


I played the heck out of my monk when the expansion started and maxed out all reputations. But around a month ago I started playing a lock on a different realm with some friends. Needless to say my reps aren’t exalted on this alt, which I’m playing as my main now. So I’m missing out on the possibility to get paragon rewards, at least for the foreseeable future. Doesn’t that suck? I would like some sort of catch up mechanism for rep based on how much time you play a certain character.

If it is at all a comfort to you, I leveled my DK to 120 first and played it for two months before deciding to switch back to my Warrior, who I then had to level to 120 and who therefore is behind on everything. So I understand your sentiment here. I don’t know if I share it — the way I look at it, I’ll get there eventually one way or another — but it is kind of annoying to have to play catch-up like that.


Should there be a portal to the Darkshore Warfront in Boralus?

Right now (at least as far as I understand it) we have a portal to the Arathi Warfront because we’re the ones in charge of that one, while we’re still fighting to take control of the Darkshore one. If you’re Horde, it’s the opposite — you’ve got a portal to Darkshore because your side controls it, and you’re fighting to seize control of the Arathi warfront.


So I thought I’d check out the Drustvar Assault on my Horde alt with a hope towards getting an ilvl upgrade. All his slots are 340+ except for two 335 rings and one 330 trinket. His total ilvl is 344.

The Assault Cache is 340. Suddenly motivation waned.

What do I have to do to be eligible for upgrades?

I don’t know the exact numbers, but I know that when I went from 361 to 365 I started getting 370 rewards, so there’s clearly a series of breakpoints based on ilevel and I went from 355 to 370 rewards once I crossed it. I agree that these breakpoints are too low.


Ok, on my level 114 Dark Iron Mage, fully rested but no other xp bonuses, I got exactly 35% of a level doing all 5 invasion wqs and the final wq. Not bad, but not great either. Will probably still wait for Looms and Flight for the vast majority of my alts.

This obviously isn’t a question but I figured it’s information that might be of interest to a few people so here it is. I still haven’t leveled my Hunter and if it turns out the 8.1 changes make her playable again (although I doubt I will because the pet changes did not grab me) then I’ll definitely be making use of the Incursions.


In the new quest chain, why does Tyrande sound like she’s trying very hard not to do a troll accent, but failing?

I’m going to be straight with you. A lot of things are subjective, and this thing you’ve asked? It’s extremely subjective, because I did not hear that at all.

Now, is it possible I didn’t hear it because I wasn’t listening for it? It is. I was more focused on the scenario itself, what it was asking me to do and all that — I play as a Night Elf and so, this expansion’s story has been very personal to me in a way I wasn’t expecting. I spent pretty much all that scenario wanting to tear Nathanos’ intestines out and light them on fire while I staked his limbs to the ground and made him watch. So I wasn’t focused on Tyrande’s accent the way I was on that.


Sorta wish they’d remove weapon type requirements from abilities. Main reason my brother isn’t playing is because he wants to use fist weapons on a fury warrior. The new mog changes open that up… apart from core abilities being unusable if you’re not using 2H weapons.

I’m hijacking your statement to go on a rant about weapon type restrictions.

Now, we all know I love Titan’s Grip. I have for years. Back in 2008, when it was announced for Wrath of the Lich King literally everyone who knew me commented on it. Rossi will love this. And they were right, I did, and I still do.

But making all Fury Warriors TG is a mistake. Making all Assassination Rogues use daggers is a mistake. Making Frost DK’s have to dual wield is a mistake. It worked when you had Artifacts, because of course all Frost DK’s will use that Artifact, and it’s a DW thing. All Assassination Rogues are gonna use the Artifact, and it’s a pair of daggers. All Fury Warriors are going to use the Warblades. That’s fine.

But once you make us have to grind out weapons again? You need to loosen up those restrictions.

Now, I get that it’s painfully hard to balance Titan’s Grip and Single-Minded Fury, which is why Blizzard wanted to get rid of SMF. So I say, don’t balance them. Let TG be the numerically superior one. Let people who are willing to play with sub-optimal weapons do it, instead of making it mechanically impossible. Let Rogues backstab with fist weapons. Let Frost DK’s use a 2h sword or axe. Let Paladins swing a stick around if they’d like to use a staff, let DK’s use fist weapons or what have you. It’s silly to say a Shaman or a Priest can’t use a sword when I can watch Anduin “I’m a Priest who wears plate and uses a sword” Wrynn is running around in cinematics doing exactly that.

Personally, you’ll never get me to go back to using 1h weapons on my Warriors — I mostly run Arms or Fury so I don’t have to. When I tank, I always wish TG worked for Prot Warriors so I could use a 2h weapon and a shield to tank, like a Diablo 3 Crusader. But if someone loves fist weapons, they should be allowed to use the things. What benefit is there in telling Frost DK’s who loved 2h weapons that sorry, you can’t use them? If you don’t want to balance for them, don’t — let players know that you’re balancing the class for DW, and if they want to do an unsupported play style, let them.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’ll see y’all next week.

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