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The Queue: Really, though?

I fell down the Youtube video hole and found myself watching videos arguing about whether scythes were useful as weapons. One video argued no, another mentioned that the war-scythe was a thing but it usually involved taking the scythe blade and mounting it lengthwise so it was more like a standard polearm. The consensus seems to be that using a scythe unmodified as a weapon isn’t ideal — it’s not designed for it. So when I see WoW weapons like the Scythe of the Unmaker, I can’t stop thinking about how hard that weapon would actually be to use against someone else.

Then again, it’s World of Warcraft and I routinely use swords so ridiculously big they defy all reason, so come on, the Scythe of the Unmaker is almost sedate compared to Ashkandi or Armageddon. I mean, one of my favorite fist weapons is the hat of a dead Lich.

It’s the Queue. Let’s chat, y’all.

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