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Discussion > WoWFeb 14, 2019 8:00 am CT

How is Dazar’alor LFR treating you?

As someone who’s been working through the normal and heroic modes of Battle for Dazar’alor, I thought LFR was going to be a disaster. All of the fights require some level of team coordination — and according to the Dungeon Journal, the LFR fights weren’t particularly different from their Normal counterparts. Coordination isn’t exactly LFR’s strength, so I didn’t expect much when I went into wing 2 after it opened this week

But I was surprised — extremely surprised — when my LFR group cleared the wing with only one wipe.

I assumed we were goners when we first approached Opulence. Those of you who have done the fight know what’s wrong with the image above: if you don’t kill the two adds located in hallways to either side, the boss gets a massive +100% damage and health buff per add left alive. While Opulence hits rather like a wet noodle, I don’t think it would with +200% damage, but I gamely followed along when my LFR group headed straight for the boss.

But then something miraculous happened. Someone said we had to split the raid in two and tackle the adds before going to the boss. “Melee to the right, ranged to the left,” someone said, and while it wasn’t a perfectly equitable split, the directions were simple enough. The group broke up, chased the adds down their respective hallways, and then killed Opulence without any trouble.

Our first try on Conclave was a wipe, but again, a few words of advice from someone in the group and everyone got it together to take down the bosses on our second try. After that, Rastakhan was easy, and though we didn’t perfectly stack and run away and dodge as each of his abilities required, we did it well enough to kill him on the first go.

I went in hoping for transmog, and expecting I would have to do some suffering in exchange. But instead of endless wipes and lots of blame games, there were calm explanations and decent strategy execution. This isn’t the LFR I remember, and I’m wondering if it’s becoming the norm. LFR fights are getting more complicated, and players have to adapt to succeed.

But my own experiences are purely anecdotal. So, dear readers, I’ve come to ask about your LFR experiences. Have your groups gone well, or have they struggled? Have they been fun or frustrating? It’s just the two of us here — you can tell me.

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