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DiscussionMar 19, 2019 8:00 am CT

What do you do in video games just because you love doing it?

I jump off of things.

In video games, I mean, because in real life it would probably kill me. Heck, sometimes it kills my character in the game — I have a long list of deaths from jumping off of things in World of Warcraft. I’ve flung myself off of towers in Dalaran, out of the sewers there (that was a very, very long fall), off of Deathwing’s back, and one time I jumped from the top of Mount Hyjal and glided all the way ’til I hit Teldrassil. You can’t do that anymore in-game, and I’m a little sad. Oh, and I jumped off of Teldrassil a few times, another thing I can’t do anymore. Thunder Bluff, zeppelins to and from Org, I’ve even jumped off of the Bastion of Twilight and man — that’s another hecking long drop, let me tell you.

This habit, or fixation, or whatever you want to call it extends to any game that allows it. Not all games do — you can’t jump off of anything in Diablo 3 that I’ve noticed. But as soon as I get into a game that allows it, I’m jumping off of stuff. Kingdoms of Amalur has specific points where it’ll let me jump, so you bet I jump as much as it allows. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is an AC game, so it lets you climb and jump off of most everything, and I am constantly plummeting. Skyrim? Heck yeah, I’ve tossed myself off of mountains knowing I probably would die and probably in a really annoying place, too.

Yours doesn’t have to be jumping. Maybe you always try to steal horses or whatever else is able to be ridden. Maybe you always check to see if you’ll take fire damage standing in a campfire. Maybe you obsessively collect items that are intended to be sold to vendors and keep them for the whole game. Maybe you go swimming in any game that will allow it. What’s your big “I like to do this” activity? What do you do in games just because you think it’s fun?

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