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OverwatchMay 16, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Flappy Bird becomes Flappy Pharah in Overwatch

Overwatch has a new Workshop mode, and one new player-created mode takes direct inspiration from Flappy Bird.

You remember Flappy Bird right? It’s the simplistic-yet-difficult mobile game created by Dong Nguyen in 2013 in which you controlled a bird flapped his wings furiously trying to fly through through columns of pipes. The game exploded on the App Store and Google Play, but was removed from both in 2014. Although the game has many copycats, there’s still a huge draw for the original thing — even to the point of people selling phones with it still installed for lots of money.

But even if we’ll never really have the original Flappy Bird back, we can still play games that echo its challenge and goofy premise.

Overwatch Workshop creator Thriver has created Flappy Pharah which operates very similarly to the original mobile game. This time, it’s multiplayer and allows for four Pharahs to side-scroll through a course of randomized obstacles. You have to squeeze through the pillars to make it to the end. It’s fairly complex too: the game will speed up over time and has a score system.

If you want to play it yourself, you’ll need to go to the Overwatch PC PTR and input the Workshop code 4QY7N, or visit the Overwatch Custom Games page for it since it might change in the future.

It’s a clever way to completely upend what you thought Blizzard’s game was capable of. It not only looks fun but it demonstrates how powerful the Workshop tools are. We’ve already seen a list of creations and there’s more being posted to Reddit and elsewhere every day. There’s a mode that lets Reinhardt Wall Ride like Lucio, and a Wrecking Ball racing arena.

The Workshop should be coming live to consoles and the live PC servers next week with the Anniversary event — although Blizzard hasn’t made any official announcements.

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