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Off TopicJun 25, 2019 2:00 pm CT

A Blizzard Watch D&D Journal — Did we escape from the volcano dragon?

We’re two sessions into our Blizzard Watch Dungeons and Dragons game, and so far we’ve seen our party of adventurers wake up on slabs, fight their way through a goblin infested volcano lair, steal an airship, interrogate a goblin they’ve named either “Bud” or “Bob” depending on who you ask, and crash said airship into a river while it was on fire from the breath weapon of a dragon that hatched out of that same volcano. All in all, it’s been a busy two sessions for our intrepid and utterly confused heroes.

The latest episode is here if you’re inclined to listen to it, and if you missed our first rodeo, it’s available here.

The game consisted of Deb Montague as Mediel the Dwarf Cleric, Liz Harper as Kainehe the Genasi Sorcerer, Dan O’Halloran as the Half-Elf Druid, Cory Taylor as Zellan the Elf Fighter, and we also got to see Mitch as Fizzl the Kenku Bard and Joe Perez as Wilyur Rustrpark the Gnome Wizard. Sitting out was Anne Stickney, so I had to run her Tiefling Rogue Mischief, and I hope I did well by her.

The game ended up pretty action packed — after an initial period of escaping molten lava on a flying boat, the part found two glass tubes with Fizzl and Wilyur inside, freeing them. However there wasn’t much time to work out what was happening. While the Goblin engineer of the ship — Mediel named him Bub but several people called him Bob and Fizzl called him a series of angry screeches — wasn’t much help, they worked out how to get the ship to fly away from the mountain just as molten rock began to erupt from the top. Soon, an entire dragon made of molten rock was pulling itself free from the mountain and the chase was on — could the intrepid group figure out how to use the magic boat to get to the ground before a giant dragon made of pure volcanic rock crushed them?

The answer was yes, by a nice combination of lucky dice rolls, decent tactics, Fizzl trying to kill everyone, and a genuinely bizarre series of events that led to the dragon being hit with a harpoon fired by Zellen that kept it at bay long enough for the ship to land in a river before the burning sails caught the entire ship on fire. Now, with the party on the ground and a group of kobolds seen watching them from the shadows, what will happen next?

Hopefully we’ll get another session soon so folks can find out. You can listen to the show as a podcast this week, if that’s your thing. Let us know if you’re interested in more because the more people want to listen to this the more we can justify giving up our Saturdays to do it.

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