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A story of gods, dragons, and a lot of crashed airships: Join us this Saturday for another episode of D&D escapades

Last time we saw our intrepid adventurers, they were crashing a magical ship into the Infinite Battlefields of Acheron, meeting up with a goddess of War, and learning that their long time enemy was attempting to breach the Eye of the Maker, a fantastic magical location where all sorts of bad stuff could well happen.

This weekend, Blizzard Watch will be streaming another episode of our D&D adventure in Otherweald

Last month's TTRPG stream was a special Mass Effect-themed one shot game, but now Joltin' Joe Perez is back to DM us through another installment of his Otherweald campaign, and the gang will set out from their current location in the desert towards the jungle location of the ancient temple of Lilith to reclaim a jeweled chalice sacred to Hela, goddess of death.

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