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The QueueJul 4, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Happy 2019th birthday, America!

Look, this isn’t the first time I’ve written The Queue on the 4th of July, and it may not be the last. If you keep letting me make this stupid joke, I’m going to keep making this stupid joke. Anyhow, I hope all you ‘Meruhcans are enjoying your day.

You know what goes well with fireworks and beer? The Queue.

Let’s do this.


So do they make Rossi write tomorrow’s Queue as the resident Canadian or does Mitch still write it?

I said it two years ago and I’ll say it again — I like writing The Queue. I get 6 days of the week off from it as is. No one is “making” me do this — Liz genuinely told me I did not have to write it today — I am just doing it. Because I like doing it. And I like you guys :)


Is tipsy/drunk queueing a thing?

Cause you’re looking at it. ;) :D

Happy July 4th Eve everyone! And for those who aren’t in the US of A, Happy Hump Day, at least!

How do you think I write most Queues? [Insert LUL emote here]


QftQ: Do you think the Forsaken and Night Elves will have established a “new” capitol by next expansion? If so, where?

For the Night Elves, both Feralas and Hyjal hold potential. For the Forsaken (likely led by Calia), I think Stromgarde is the only only place they have potential footing for a capitol..

I don’t think that either will, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they do. That said, I think it would be interesting — and incredibly annoying for Alliance players — if the Forsaken used the remains of Gilneas as their new capital. I mean, they already did it once with the former Human capital… wouldn’t it make sense to do it again with the Gilneans’?

As for the Night Elves, uhh… Yeah, Hyjal is probably closer. But what about Desolace? That place has been recovering for many years now, and what better time to make sure of that fact than now? Hyjal makes more sense, but I think Desolace has more potential, personally.


Q4tQ:At this point it’s feeling a bit obvious that players who picked Sylvie’s side for BFA are going to be railroaded into the boring rebellion side…again. How do you predict Blizzard will go about making this happen? Sylvanas betraying the player randomly?

I’m not sure I’d agree that it’s “obvious” — but it does feel like we’re running out of room for realistic plot turns. I don’t really know how Blizzard will handle this. The best guess I have right now is that it’ll affect future reputations… but that seems kind of boring. It’s within reason, mind you… but I’m still hoping for more.

But I also don’t think it would be a “betrayal” if Sylvanas turned against the player. At this point, even her more noble (save for Nathanos) are still pawns. Tools for her plans. They may be useful, but I would never consider myself something she’d be too afraid to sacrifice if it served her greater needs.


Q4tQ: what’s so great about Azshara?

This will vary from person to person, but I like her because she’s got swagger. She’s powerful, smart, and willing to play the long game to get what she wants. But there’s still an air of mystery to her as well. Something is going on that she’s not letting us on to, but I suspect we won’t know until the end of the actual fight in the Eternal Palace. She’s an interesting villain, and there’s more depth to her than a lot of bad guys. Plus, she has a long history in the Warcraft canon, which makes her feel larger than life as well.


How many of these prismatic crystals do I need before I do anything with them?

This will depend on if you want the battle pets that come from these and, if so, how many of them you want. The idea with the crystals is that you charm a critter, bring it to one of the Ravenous Slimes located throughout Nazjatar, let the Slime eat it, and then repeat the process each day for five days.

Given there are four Ravenous Slimes but a total of seven slimy pets AND that those pets are random… you’ll need 35 bare minimum. Likely more due to RNG. It also depends on how many Slimes you want to feed at once. You could take the long route and only feed one per day, never carrying more than one Prismatic Crystal at a time on you… or you could feed all four each day and have your entire Crystal supply saved up.

All of the above said, you’ll never need more than four Prismatic Crystals on you on any given day. This comment on Wowhead explains things quite well if you’re looking for more info.


Q4tMitch: If Anduin turned Shadow Priest, got killed, was raised as a Forsaken, and overthrew Sylvanas, would you serve him?

Question for tomorrow’s Mitch Queue: “Y’ever wonder what would happen if Anduin just went a little Void-y one day?” (because apparently when I have a half-day off, I post a lot of tweets)

The first question is irrelevant, because he could never overthrow my Queen. I would totally take orders from him were he to become a high-ranking official serving underneath her, however.

And yes, I think about Voiduin all too often. (…Not in a weird way.) I would love WoW to embrace the Void side of Priests more, and I think Anduin as a Shadow Priest — or at least a Priest who controls the Void in some fashion — would be really cool to see. He even has Alleria and a whole race of Void Elves to help him control it!

Here’s hoping we find Anduin’s breaking point where he stops being such a goody-goody.


Q4TQ: what’s your favorite Pokemon? Pick ONE

Mine is Dragonair

I don’t want to pick just one! This question is always hard for me, because the original 151 have a special place in my heart… but then Pokemon revealed Mimikyu. No other Pokemon has given the originals a run for their money quite like Mimikyu, and for that fact alone, Mimikyu is going to be my final answer here.

It helps that Mimikyu’s lore is on the “super messed up wtf why is this in Pokemon?!” category of Pokemon lore. Those are always fun.

That’s all for today! Please remember to practice good safety habits if you’re launching fireworks tonight. Also don’t drink and drive. Also also, protect your pups. They don’t like the loud noises :(

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