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Discussion > WoWJul 12, 2019 8:00 am CT

What do you think the best possible outcome of Battle for Azeroth would be?

Let’s play a game.

Let’s assume that you get to decide how this whole expansion ends. You get to pick what the end result is, what the story decides, how each of the major characters are affected by the events of it. If you want Orgrimmar razed to the ground and Sylvanas chortling as she created a Forsaken Horde composed of undead members of all the other Horde races? That’s what happens. If you want Anduin Wrynn to lead an Alliance force to purge Silvermoon City as the Sin’Dorei evacuate to Suramar? That’s what happens. Stormwind gets shunted into the Void by a Void Elf traitor loyal to Sylvanas and the Horde conquers the entire Eastern Kingdoms? Up to you.

Therefore, now that we know that you can make anything you want to happen into the end state of this expansion, I ask you — what do you think should happen? What’s the best possible outcome of this expansion, the most satisfying (to you) end to all things this expansion? Should we see the rise of the Black Empire and the return of the Old Gods to Azeroth? Would you rather something completely unexpected like an invading army of Etherals out of K’aresh shows up to enslave us all? Sylvanas assassinates and reanimates Anduin as a Forsaken but it turns out he can still channel the Holy Light and out of pure spite he returns her to being alive, so at the end we get Anduin as the ruler of the undead and Sylvanas lost and bereaved as a living Elf aware of all she did when she was dead.

So yeah. Go nuts, tell us whatever you’re thinking — share your ideas for the best way Battle for Azeroth could come to close. What’s the best way this can all end, the most satisfying, the most coherent, whatever you think “best” means in this instance.

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