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DiscussionJul 26, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would make you like that character you don’t like?

I think about this a lot, because I am one of those people who really, truly, deeply hates Nathanos Blightcaller, and while I know I would enjoy watching him be slowly mulched in a wood chipper, I can’t think of any other situation where I would like him. He’s a loathsome, snotty, toadying lickspittle of a character, and I just cannot stand him. But a lot of other players like him, and I really want to understand why — is it a form of masochism? I’ve been told by a friend that she likes Blightcaller because he doesn’t suck up to player characters — no matter what they achieve, no matter how powerful and important they become, Blightcaller is always derisive and snarky with them at best.

I wish I saw it, and it has me wondering. It’s not about redemption here — I don’t want Blightcaller to make a face turn (or a heel turn if you’re in agreement with him, I guess) so much as I want to understand how he could be presented that I would feel something positive for. They’ve managed it with other characters. I once wanted to set Garrosh Hellscream on fire, but seeing him in the Warlords of Draenor cinematic and hearing him yell to Thrall, “You made me what I am” actually got me to view him in a more sympathetic light. And I went from really disliking Anduin Wrynn — the guy would not stop running off without me and was just a terrible person to have to try and help — to viewing him as a pretty good king and leader, and all it took was him getting every bone in his body broken and then having to bear up to his dad getting exploded.

So what do you think? Is there any character in WoW you really hate, and what would you need to see before you could maybe at least view them as reasonably okay? What do you think would allow your least favorite character to remain who they are — no redemption arcs here, no “I’m sorry I did those things,” but something that would give you a better take on who they are?

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