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The QueueJul 26, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: An all-Draenei WoW spinoff game?

Okay, so hear me out — the Army of Light fought the Legion for tens of thousands of years, and did so by traveling the Twisting Nether, which can distort and alter the flow of time, so we really have no way of knowing just how long it was from their perspective. I’d really love to see that — it could happen in WoW, or it could be handled in some other way.

Anyway, this is the Queue, let’s chat.


Q4TQ: do you feel bad about killing “civilian”-type mobs?

I’m doing the “kill 12 Witherbark trolls” WQ in Arathi. Witch Doctors? Okay. Berserkers? Okay.

But fishers!? I feel so bad for killing them. All they wanted was to fish! =(

Red, the Old Gods first arrived on Azeroth and twisted it to their will countless eons ago. Many were their perverse abominations, many the horrors that they inflicted upon all life, but none — absolutely none of their manifold crimes against the nascent Titan are a billionth of a billionth as loathsome, demented and riddled with putrescence as fishing.

Fishing is the mayonnaise of activities.

When you see a mob fishing, and you kill it? You saved it.


Has anyone seen, or even better, have links to “concept maps” from Blizzard? Maps drawn out for zones, but not the official maps in game. Just stuff they were working on in preparing an xpac? Stuff they’ve released after the fact, in art books or such?

Wowpedia has quite a few. For example, here’s one from 2001.

Here’s another example of an early concept map for World of Warcraft, which shows a different version of Lordaeron than the one we ended up with. And here’s a map of Kul Tiras we saw at BlizzCon in 2017. One of my favorite maps is this early concept map for Draenor, seen at BlizzCon in 2013 — you can see how it deviated from this initial idea.

A lot of hoaxes and ‘leaked’ expansions come with maps, too. Sometimes these leaks are more wish fulfillment than anything else, and sometimes they have really accurate looking maps very similar to these included. Like this one.

Obviously this didn’t happen. Sometimes people make really convincing maps. Until you hear an announcement, believe nothing.


Q4tQ: We’ve talked before about how classic existing as an offramp for people that really want the faction divide and to play where there is one allows Blizzard to lift the divide as it exists in “retail” WoW. Taking it a step further, does the very possibility that Classic is indeed potentially cannibalizing “retail’s” numbers to a degree further point to a likelihood of *something* happening to the divide to bring players together in at least PVE?

First off, if you want to play WoW Classic you need a WoW sub, so instead of cannibalizing anything, it will either have no effect on subscriptions or it will give them a bump. People unsubbing due to WoW Classic existing seems negligible to me, so I expect WoW Classic to be good for sub numbers even as I am of the opinion that the bounce will be small and most players will end up ignoring WoW Classic after a few months.

Secondly, nope. WoW Classic does not mean we’re going to see an end to the faction conflict. The more I see the fan base talk about this, the less reason I see for anything like that happening. I ultimately think Blizzard made a mistake in saying this expansion would resolve the faction war, because I think they meant it in a way players aren’t expecting. It will resolve it in that it will finally be a big expansion that deals with it and doesn’t shy away from depicting it as a full fledged war, but I sincerely doubt it will be going away.


Q4tQ: Do you support the movement to make Halloween take place on the last Saturday of October every year?

Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve. That’s because the day after Halloween, November 1st, is All Hallow’s Day. It’s also known as All Saint’s Day or Hallowmas, and both it and All Hallow’s Eve are part of Allhallowtide, a three day religious observance.

It would take me a very long time to explain why I have a deep respect for All Hallow’s Eve rooted in the holiday’s origins and how it was brought into Christianity, and I am cognizant of the fact that many Eastern Orthodox faiths do  not celebrate All Hallow’s Day on November 1st, so instead I’ll simply say no. No, I do not support that.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Sorry I didn’t talk about synapsids or dinosaurs, I guess I’m having an off day.

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