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Discussion > WoWJul 31, 2019 8:00 am CT

What’s your favorite mount in all of World of Warcraft?

It’s okay if it’s the bee.

For me though, it’s not that one. My favorite in-game mount is Mimiron’s Head, and it’s my favorite because of how I got it — it was after my guild had completed Yogg +0, and the head dropped on that first kill. Back then, Ulduar was still the current content — the Trial of the Crusader raid had just come out, and we were working on that raid as our primary with Ulduar as our off-night achievement run. But nobody on our server had killed Yogg +0 yet, so we figured we’d give it a week of solid attempts, and after a lot of work from our GM — hey, Theryc — we finally managed to get it done.

I argued that we should give the mount to our GM for all his hard work both in getting us to the kill and for how much he did generally, but most of the guild wanted to put it up to a roll. And so we all rolled, me still grumbling, and I ended up tying one of our more vocal players, both of us rolling 92. This meant we had to roll again. The other player rolled a 98, and immediately crowed in guild how he was going to love riding around Dalaran in the mount.

Then I rolled a 99.

I tried to get the GM to take the mount, but he refused, saying it was what the guild had decided. And so I ended up with Mimiron’s Head, a mount I’ve flown around on in every expansion since. It’s the only super-rare mount I ever got at the time it was current content and I like it even more than mounts like Invincible or the Ashes of Al’ar, mostly for that moment where I rolled that 99 and the whole guild sucked in a breath.

So that’s my story. Now, what’s yours? What’s your favorite mount in WoW?

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